HSA Warns About 2 Products Sold Online in S’pore As They Contain Banned Substance

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Most of us would feel that exercising under the hot sun can be a rather dreadful task.

But no pain, no gain, right?

However, some who are looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight might turn to online products which (we should’ve learnt by now) are not entirely reliable.

Contains Banned Substance

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned consumers not to purchase two products—Bobba Toxx and Bobba Fitz—as they contained harmful, banned substances.

Both products in question were marketed as weight loss products on e-commerce and social media platforms and often were sold as a set.

As reported by The Straits Times, Bobba Fitz was found to contain sibutramine, a substance that was banned in Singapore in 2010. Its adverse effects include increased risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as insomnia, hallucinations and hearing of voices.

Sibutramine was originally a prescription-only weight loss medicine in Singapore.

Additionally, Bobba Toxx contained sennosides amounting to four times the usual dosage of such laxatives.

When taken in large amounts, cramping and diarrhoea can occur. Even more severe symptoms like chronic constipation, bloating and abdominal pain can arise when sennosides are taken for an extended amount of time.

Of course, the labels of both products mentioned no such substances and only included all-natural ingredients like whey protein and garcinia cambogia, a fruit-derived ingredient.

Adverse Side Effects; Products To Be Pulled From All Platforms

According to CNA, HSA has issued the warning after a woman experienced mood swings and heart palpitations after consuming Bobba Fitz and Bobba Toxx.

Another case in 2019 saw a consumer who ingested sibutramine experience an “extremely” fast heart rate and later fell unconscious. She was eventually resuscitated and had to be implanted with a defibrillator.

The Straits Times states that HSA has been working with various platform administrators like Shopee and Instagram to remove all listings of the two items immediately and to issue warnings to sellers.

HSA has also warned all sellers and suppliers that they must halt all sales of Bobba Fitz and Bobba Toxx.

Sellers and suppliers are liable to prosecution and, if convicted, may be imprisoned for up to two years and/or fined up to $10,000.

HSA said it will take stern action against anyone who sells and supplies products found to be adulterated with banned substances or potent ingredients.


No “Quick and Easy Way” to Lose Weight

The board also advised all consumers to stop taking the products and visit a doctor if they feel unwell.

Consumers should also be suspicious of products that promise exaggerated claims of weight loss merely by consuming them.

There is no “quick and easy” way to lose weight and weight control should be achieved through a combination of a balanced diet and appropriate exercise, HSA emphasised.

If one needs help managing their weight, HSA recommends that they consult their doctor, dietician or healthcare professional.

Those who have any information on the sale and supply of the products may also contact HSA’s enforcement branch at 6866 3485 during office hours on Monday to Friday or email [email protected]

Feature Image: Facebook (Eira Syazira Official)

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