BBC Video Prof Has Spoken; A 20-sec Delay Sort of Caused Everything


Remember the viral BBC video? Hop onto social media platforms and you’ll see countless memes reminding us the humour in it.

There were speculations, conclusions were drawn out of nowhere, and Professor Robert Kelly is finally speaking up since the incident. Now we can’t wait to hear what he says about it. 

The Intrusion

According to the interview with Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Professor Robert Kelly said that his wife, Jung-a Kim, had been watching his interview on television, filming it on her phone. While she was too focused on the interview, four-year-old Marion had slipped out of her sight. 

It turns out that she had been celebrating her birthday at kindergarten that day, contributing to her “hippity-hoppity” mood as she intruded the live television broadcast. Her bright yellow top just makes everything even more hilarious. 

Moments after Marion, eight-month-old James appeared at the door and rolled into action on his walker. Ms Kim had only noticed the children’s disappearance when she saw them on the television, as there was a slight lag (to be exact, about 20 seconds) between the live television and…well, literally, live in her living room.

In the speed of light, the ninja wife too burst into the room and managed to drag the kids out of the room. 

Prof Kelly was trying to get his daughter to sit down, and hoped that the TV will show some footages of what he was talking about so that he could remove his daughter from the room. Well, it didn’t happen.


The door was usually locked, but not this time. After the incident, both Professor and his wife were “mortified” that the little mishap might ruin Professor’s relationship with BBC.

However, after watching the clip, they could see the humour of the situation and even admitted that it was terribly cute. Aye, their children were cute as heck! 

There were comments that assumed Ms Kim as the family’s nanny. It somehow became the focal point of many opinion articles analysing the racial undertones of such speculation. Upon this, Ms Kim told BBC News that she didn’t want that to be what people took away from the video. Professor Kelly chimed in and agreed that it had made them pretty uncomfortable. 

Here comes the most important question: Was Professor Kelly wearing pants? It was speculating furiously that the reason why he didn’t get up at all was the absence of clothing down below.

Well, in another BBC interview, here’s the truth. He had confirmed he was wearing trousers at the time.

P.S. You need to watch the BBC interview. The kids, were, well, still not giving a damn even during the interview.

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