Everything About the Beach Road Slashing Incident That’s Stopped by Passers-By


You might have seen videos on social media of a man slashing a woman with a chopper on 14 April afternoon.

The man has since been arrested and is under investigation. Here’s everything we currently know about the Beach Road slashing incident.

Videos Showed Man Hacking At Woman

Many videos of the attack have been making their rounds on social media and WhatsApp.

In the videos, you can see a man in a black T-shirt, trousers and black cap, hacking at the woman with a chopper.

His hands can clearly be seen to be stained with blood, and the woman seems to be lying on the road defenceless.

Eatery Staff Threw Items to Stop Attacker

The videos also show kitchen staff from nearby Zhong Hua Steamboat restaurant helping the woman.

They threw various items like chairs, dustbins and even a stepladder to try to stop the attacker.

The attacker seemed to briefly attempt engaging with the staff, before running away toward Beach Road and back to Liang Seah Street’s back alley.

According to The Straits Timesthe owner and manager of Samurai BBQ also threw a road sign at the man, and shouted that they’d called the police.

The owner shared that the man hacked at the woman till the chopper broke, but continued to hold on to the blade and pull the woman’s hair.

This incident was reported to last about 10 minutes.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC) Jeremy Ang, Commander of Central Police Division, said, “The Police would like to commend the members of the public who had intervened to prevent the man from causing further harm to the woman.”

Man Arrested, Believed To Be Woman’s Husband

The Police were alerted to this attack at about 5:30pm. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found the 41-yar-old woman with slash wounds, and conveyed her conscious to the hospital.

The Police then located and tasered the man to subdue him. It was believed that the man slit his own wrists using the chopper before the Police arrived.

The man was then arrested and conveyed conscious to the hospital. The chopper was seized by police.


In their statement, the Police also shared that the man is believed to be the woman’s husband. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said the two were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

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Charged for Attempted Murder

The 46-year-old man will be charged in court on 16 April 2022 with attempted murder, under Section 307 of the Penal Code.

If found guilty of attempted murder, he could face life imprisonment, imprisonment up to 20 years and a fine, or both.

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