Ben & Jerry’s Has New Ice-cream with Less Calories. Here’s What You Should Know

There are three things in life we can’t go without: food, water and Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream.

Image: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Pretty much the lost child of sugar, spice and everything nice, this godly concoction is capable of curing world hunger, poverty and global warming. All with one scoop of delicious goodness.

Image: Meme Center

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit. But you get my gist: it’s magic.

Yet, as heavenly as it is, there’s one minor drawback:

It’s not exactly the healthiest food product out there.

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As a result, I could only treat myself to a single serving of Ben & Jerry’s a week; pure torture, in case you need clarification.

But it seems times have changed.

Ben & Jerry’s, a company that’s not exactly a top pick for Top 100 clean-eating food establishments, has surprised us all with its latest move:


That’s right; there are now healthier versions of Ben & Jerry’s!

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Ben & Jerry’s – LIGHT

Part of Ben & Jerry’s new Moo-phoria! promotion, these beauties come at 140 – 160 calories per serving, and will contain fewer calories and less fat than regular ice cream!


So far, there have been three confirmed flavours:

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Chocolate milk & cookies


A taste akin to dunking your chocolate chip cookie in chocolate milk? Sign me up!

Caramel cookie fix


Caramel, like cookies & cream, will never go wrong.

A healthier version of Ben & Jerry’s Caramel ice cream?

Image: Imgflip

Love, my friend. Love.

P.B. Dough


I love chocolate chips. I love peanut butter.

A Ben & Jerry’s rendition with a healthier twist?


Incidentally, all of these euphoric concoctions are made with non-GMO sourced ingredients and utilise organic milk and cream as their foundation. There are no sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes, and the flavours use Fairtrade certified ingredients.

Getting it

Sadly, as far as we know, Singapore’s outlets do not seem to offer this latest line of products yet.

But I’m pretty sure it’ll happen in due time if there’s sufficient demand.

So start tagging your friends, your relatives, all your ice-cream loving friends and relatives, and get the ball rolling!


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