The Benefits of Using Salt Water to Rinse Mouth are Powderful

I am sure you’ve heard your mum saying, “go rinse your mouth with saltwater” whenever you complain about an itchy throat.

It is like salt is some kind of miracle worker—well to a certain extent, rinsing your mouth with saltwater has its benefits (aka very powderful).


Sore throat relief

When you start developing a nagging feeling in the back of your throat, chances are that you might develop a sore throat the next day.

Dr Valerie Riddle told News in Health that a sore throat seems worse in the morning because your throat gets so dry overnight.

That explains why my throat feels Iike I have swallowed a porcupine when I wake up.

It turns out that this old wives’ tale is actually true.

But make sure you mix it with warm water.

Sorana Segal-Maurer, MD, chief of the Dr James J. Rahal Jr. Division of Infectious Disease at New York Hospital Queens told WebMD that you’re creating a high-salt barrier and you’re pulling out a lot of fluids from the tissues in the throat area, so you’re washing the virus out.

”The salt functions as a magnet for water. It’s good for symptomatic relief. And you end up swallowing some of it, so it’s sort of helping you with dehydration as well,” she added.

But don’t chug an entire cup of saltwater coz’ the swallowing part happens organically.

Mouthwash miracle

Dental hygiene isn’t limited to only brushing; you have to floss and use a mouthwash if you want to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

But before you head out and get yourself a bottle of mouthwash, listen up.

You can make your own mouthwash, by mixing salt and water.

According to the results of a study done in India, saltwater is an effective way to kill bacteria in your mouth (the cause of bad breath).

But if your bad breath still persists, then its time to see a dentist.


Mucus, no more

It can get pretty frustrating when you’re down with flu and you keep coughing up phlegm or worse, you end up swallowing it.

Gargling saltwater can help clear phlegm that’s clogging your throat and it also helps to reduce the inflammation.

Bacteria buster

According to Sherri Worth, D.D.S., saltwater increases the PH balance of your mouth albeit temporary, Men’s Health reported.

It neutralizes the acidic environment which bacteria thrives on.

Normal PH level means healthy mouth!

Gingivitis gone

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums—the build-up of plaque which can lead to tartar.

So, once all that is removed, your gums need to heal.

According to a study done in Thailand, rinsing the mouth with saltwater helped to aid gingival wound healing.

But before it becomes tartar, its best to brush your teeth regularly as plaque is easily formed.

Helps to soothe the ache in your toothaches

Toothaches are a pain in the ass and gum, but you can relieve yourself from the pain temporarily by swishing saltwater in your mouth for 30 seconds, and repeat it several times a day when needed.