Benny Se Teo Becoming a Motivational Speaker & F&B Consultant After Leaving Eighteen Chefs

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Miss seeing Benny Se Teo’s face in Eighteen Chefs restaurants or on various Eighteen Chefs advertisements?

Don’t worry; while you might no longer see him as you down your salted egg yolk burger, you’d be able to see him motivating you instead.

Because the man who co-founded one of most well-known brands in Singapore isn’t going to retire fully: he’s going to be a “Chef-At-Large and a Serial Motivational Speaker”.

Benny Se Teo Becoming a Motivational Speaker & F&B Consultant After Leaving Eighteen Chefs

On Tuesday, Benny dropped a bombshell: he’s leaving the restaurant chain that he co-founded.

There’s no mention on the reason why he left, but he highlighted that he left the company “on a good note”, and wished the company well.

It also appears that he’s retiring…a few days later, that is, when he posted this:

Yes, he’s not retiring after all.

In his announcement, he said that other than being a motivational speaker, he’s going to do consulting for F&B businesses (both restaurants and hawkers) in “creating new concepts food strategies … kitchen planning … marketing and menu development … mentoring entrepreneurs and their food development teams and driving operational excellence … Pre & Post opening onsite training and management support.”

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And in his usual trademark style, he ended the post with a joke: “My opening line is still : When you want to destroy the life of your enemy ask him/her to start a restaurant.”

Since then, he’s gone back to making cheeky jokes on his Facebook page:

His new image doesn’t appear to be him in his Eighteen Chefs uniform with his arms folded, but a black jacket with a friendly smile:


Eighteen Chefs, The Company That Started in 2007

The first Eighteen Chefs outlet was opened in 2007 at Eastpoint Mall by Benny as he had difficulty finding a job due to his status as an ex-offender and former drug addict.

The restaurant chain is popular for employing ex-offenders.

In addition, the company also has a franchise model (which means the outlet you’re in now might be a franchise), with one of the conditions being that they have to employ ex-offenders.

The chain currently has 10 outlets in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Benny Se Teo)

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