Police Have Completed Investigations of Bentley Driver Saga; Case to be Referred to the Public Prosecutor


Singaporeans hear the words “Bentley” and “Red Swastika School”, and the viral video immediately starts playing on loop in our brains.

Police have completed investigations of the Bentley driver, and the case will be referred to the Public Prosecutor.

Wait, What Happened?

For those of you who have a goldfish memory like me and need a refresher, you can watch the video below:

In the short 23-second video taken on 11 January, you can see the person in the co-pilot seat arguing with the security officer and teacher first while swinging around his red phone before he gets back into the car.

Then, without any regard for the security officer in his way, the driver proceeds to move forward twice. He continuously tested the limits until the teacher leans into the open side window to say something, presumably in warning.

Worst still, as you watch the video carefully, you can clearly see the security officer getting injured by the slight impact. He had to grip onto his right knee while bracing his left hand on the hood of the car. Thankfully, the 62-year-old security officer Mr Neo Ah Whatt only sustained minor injuries.

The car was eventually allowed into the school, and the driver was later arrested and investigated for the offence of rash act causing hurt.

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Case Referred to Public Prosecutor

NMP Raj Joshua Thomas, who is also the president of the Security Association Singapore, filed a parliamentary question on whether there were any updates on this case.

In his response, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam said that the police has referred the case to the Public Prosecutor. This was “for a decision on the appropriate course of action”.

Those found guilty of committing rash acts causing hurt can be imprisoned for up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both.


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