Namewee’s 1000-Video YouTube Channel Allegedly Hacked by Russians, But It Has Since Been Recovered

While anyone’s social media accounts can get hacked in this day and age, it’s no surprise that celebrities may be targetted more often than us.

I mean, unless you can tell me someone who wants to hack your account with 17 followers…?

Aside from the fact that hackers may gain access to the personal information and data of the account’s owner, irreplaceable and unique videos and posts that the owner took much time and effort may end up getting wipped out completely as well.

For now, it seems like Malaysian rapper Namewee is the latest victim of online hackers.

And with around 1,000 videos, 3.27 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views on the channel that he has manned for 13 years, he was understandably fuming when he posted his initial response on social media.

Namewee’s YouTube Channel Hacked by Hackers

Just yesterday (5 April), Namewee announced on Instagram that his YouTube account had been hacked.


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A post shared by Namewee 黃明志 (@nameweephoto)

In his video, he mentioned that all that was left of his YouTube account was a line of text in Russian, which the hackers had keyed in to replace his channel’s name.

Based on Google Translate, the sentence reads, “motherf******r f****t f****d your mother” in Russian.

Namewee, who is currently in London for work, also mentioned that his YouTube channel has been around for 13 years, has been a “very long journey” for him, yet he has lost it all now.

Besides notifying his fans that he was trying to regain access to his YouTube account, he also left a vicious message for the hackers.

“I don’t care who you are, Russian guy, one thing I wanna tell you,” he declared before he started speaking angrily in Russian.

Throughout his video, he also presented his rage through saying “We support Ukraine twice”, flashing his middle finger and cursing with the F-word twice.

And in true Namewee fashion, he dared the hackers to find and face him in London as well.

Namewee’s Reaction to Being Hacked

Earlier today (6 April), Namewee wrote another lengthy post on Instagram in Mandarin to reflect on his experience.


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A post shared by Namewee 黃明志 (@nameweephoto)

In his post, he brought up how he has already been “mentally prepared” for such a situation, and that he was “not very shocked” when he saw that his YouTube account had been hacked.

He also touched on how he is aware of the fact that his content may seem controversial and polarising at times due to the political and social issues discussed, but emphasised that all his content was only made for comedy’s sake, and that he would never make fun of a serious incident.

He also reiterated the point that his team was trying to help him regain access to his YouTube account.

Regained Access to His YouTube Account

Thankfully for Namewee and his fans, he has regained access to his YouTube account within a day of being hacked.


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A post shared by Namewee 黃明志 (@nameweephoto)

He took to Instagram to announce the good news this evening (6 April), and was naturally faced with many congratulatory comments from fans and friends across the globe.

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A visit to his YouTube channel now will confirm this: All his videos, subscribers and views have been recovered.

In his caption, he also thanked those who had helped him recover his account, and also ended his caption by saying, “Sorry to the haters for letting you guys down…”

In true Namewee fashion indeed.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Namewee 黃明志)