Popular Beo Crescent Curry Rice Moving Out Due to New Coffeeshop Owner


For avid curry rice fans, you’ve probably eaten at, or at least heard of Beo Cresent Curry Rice, the curry rice stall without a signboard.

Located in the coffeeshop of 40 Beo Cresent at Tiong Bahru, the Hainanese curry rice stall has been a favourite amongst Singaporeans since it began operations in 1988.

But all good things eventually come to an end, for it was recently announced that the curry rice stall will open its shutters one last time at the Beo Cresent coffeeshop on 4 September this year.

According to a Facebook user who posted in The Food Diary, a public Facebook group with posts of local cuisine, the stall will be moving out due to a “new coffee shop owner who is taking over and renovating” the premises.

After business wraps up for the coffeeshop tenants, they are expected to move out of their stalls on 4 September as well.

Curry Rice Beloved by Singaporeans

For those who’ve never tried Beo Cresent Curry Rice before, the stall serves various delectable dishes such as crispy and braised pork, fish, fried eggs, stir-fried cabbage and curry squid.

The dishes are also served in a “cai png” style, with rice, and each meal from the stall will cost you around $5 to $6.


The Facebook user who wrote about the stall in The Food Diary also shared that he recommends visiting the stall at around 7.45am if possible as “there is no crowd and the dishes are in the best serving quality and assortment”.

The stall usually sells out after lunch, with recommended visiting hours before 8am, when they are well-stocked at the start of the day.

And for those who’d like to head down and try the curry rice before the stall closes, here’s the stall’s address and operating hours:

Beo Crescent Curry Rice
40 Beo Cresent, Singapore 160040

Operating Hours
6.30am-2pm daily, closed on Wednesdays

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Stall Will Be Relocating, But New Location Unconfirmed

Based on various posts on social media, the stall will be relocating to a different coffeeshop after moving out from its current premises.

However, the new location of the stall has yet to be announced.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Fiona Ong)

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