10 Facts About Singapore Food Festival 2022 That’ll Start on 24 Aug

For the foodies amongst us, here’s some good news.

After taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the much-awaited Singapore Food Festival (SFF) is back for the 29th edition of the festival!

From 24 August to 11 September this year, be sure to look out for all sorts of food-related stalls and other experiences across the island as we celebrate our unique local cuisine.

Organised by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the theme for this year is “Real Foodies Only”, and I’m sure most of us can relate to it.

But before you mark your calendars and get your stomachs ready for all the good food that’s to come, here’s all you need to know about this year’s SFF for you to make the most out of your experience.

There Will Be 5 Components to SFF 2022

With more than 70 different highlights of SFF this year, it’s safe to say that there’ll be more than a wide range of different activities throughout the festival.

SFF’s activities are based on heritage, contemporary and innovation, and with that, there will be five broad categories in the festival this year.

The components include a Festival Village, limited-time menus at partner restaurants, as well as tours and workshops.

Apart from the in-person events, there will also be virtual events and even overseas activations, so keep your eyes peeled!

Festival Village Held at Bayfront Event Space

From 31 August to 11 September, don’t forget to head down to Bayfront Event Space to try dishes and drinks from more than 25 different food and beverage (F&B) brands!

As the first Festival Village held at Bayfront Event Space, you can expect to see twists in dishes from brands participating in the event this year.

Apart from the widely-beloved Jelebu Dry Laksa’s signature laksa dish containing Boston lobster and tiger prawns, The Goodburger and Blue Lotus Eating House will also be collaborating to present a special dish.

The dish, which is exclusive to SFF 2022, is a plant-based Golden Chilli Crab dish.

Another store participating in this year’s Food Village is One Prawn & Co, which recently attained Michelin Bib Gourmand status.

The stall will be working together with Hock Lian Huat, a local heritage brand to put out a thick and silky prawn bisque with shrimps, mussels and clams.

The two establishments will also be making their ngoh hiang (five-spiced meat rolls) platter available as well.

Other than the food, the Festival Village will also feature a Marketplace, which will include a chosen selection of merchandise and an Entertainment stage, courtesy of Tiger Beer.

An entry ticket will cost you $15 for one person on weekdays, inclusive of $10 credit, while it will cost $20 on weekends, inclusive of $12 credit.

Groups of four can also book tickets together at $50 for weekdays and $70 for weekends, inclusive of $36 and $48 credit respectively.

9-Course Dinner at Festival Village

And if you’re in the mood to treat yourself or feel fancy while you’re at the Festival Village, you can also opt to have a nine-course dinner at the Chef Arena, which is located within the Festival Village.

The dinner is specially curated by the best culinary masters taking part in SFF 2022’s virtual masterclasses.

In addition to that, the dinner will also feature a Martell Noblige cocktail created by Juan Yi Jun, who is the head bartender of No Sleep Club.

The 9-course dinner will cost you $128 and above including admission to the Festival Village, and only weekend slots are available as of now.

Workshops Available at Festival Village

And that’s not all for the Food Village.

Multiple hands-on workshops will also be conducted at the Festival Village, and I’m sure that these workshops will help make home-cooked food taste much yummier for sure.

Jeya Seelan, the 3rd generation owner of traditional spice stall Jeya Spices, will be teaching workshop participants the art of mixing different spices together.

On the other hand, you can also sign yourself up to learn some tips and tricks about cooking with a Thermomix from cookbook author Annie Xavier as well!

If you’re interested, access to the workshops will cost $50, and purchasing access will also grant you access to the Festival Village as well.

Festival-Exclusive Dishes Will Be Available For a Limited Time

As for those who are looking to sink your teeth into food other than the dishes from the Festival Village, SFF 2022’s got you covered.

For a limited period of time, multiple F&B establishments all across Singapore will be serving festival-exclusive dishes.

At popular chain Two Men Bagel House, you’ll be able to get a bagelwich that includes the rich flavours of Chinese, Indian and Malay curries.

If a Malay-Italian fusion’s more up your alley, you can order a sambal goreng pizza at Italian-inspired restaurant and bar Dopo Teatro too.

Dishes from cross-brand collaborations will also be available, such as sandwiches with corned beef and pastrami fillings.

For those sandwiches, Steeple’s Deli and Park Bench Deli, two delis that have been operating for vastly different amounts of time, will be setting up a one-day-long pop-up booth at Steeple’s Deli.

In particular, the sandwiches will feature corned beef from Steeple’s Deli, as well as pastrami from Park Bench Deli.

And for the dessert lovers, be sure to check out the Teh Halia flavoured ice cream and the guava sorbet with sour plum powder, presented by The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. and Creamier.

Tours to Fish and Shrimp Farms Available This Year

If you’re looking for something for another interesting experience apart from trying out all the delectable dishes available at SFF this year, the festival has just the thing for you too.

With tours such as visits to land-based urban fish and shrimp farms held by Atlas Aquaculture and Blue Aqua, you’ll get to see where your food comes from for yourself.

You’ll even get to learn how you can harvest your own shrimp in the comfort of your own home!

Workshops for Cheese and Gin Pairings, and More

And if trips to fish and shrimp farms aren’t really for you, why not register to take part in a cheese and gin pairing workshop?

Conducted by Nut Culture and Brass Lion Distiller, participants can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the distillery during the plant-based workshop.

They will receive an introduction lesson which includes learning about the different botanicals that are included in Brass Lion Distiller’s Singapore Dry Gin.

On the other hand, those who are more interested in interactive drama can sign up for an immersive theatrical workshop conducted by Oh! Stories.

During the workshop, expect to be entertained and fascinated by stories told by the older generation while you learn how to make comfort foods from the ’60s.

Other workshops and tours are also available, so do check them out!

Events Promoting Sustainability and Healthy Options Also Available

With sustainability and healthy living being of much significance in today’s world, fringe events such as the Singapore Vegan Festival and Feed 9 Billion Singapore Restaurant Week will also be held during SFF.

These events not only include sustainable and healthy food options, but also dishes that are creative and innovative as well!

For this year’s festival, SFF will also be collaborating with Airbnb Experiences to present three different workshops, with one of them allowing coffee fans to brew and taste their own cold brew made from local-roasted coffee beans.

Apart from that, Burnt Ends, a one-Michelin star restaurant, will also be holding a party, bringing together delicious food from all the restaurants within the event.

Online Masterclasses

And if you rather learn some new skills in the kitchen comfortably at home, you can also attend any of the nine online masterclasses organised by SFF, which will feature some of Asia’s top chefs.

The best part? The masterclasses will be free for anyone who wishes to view them.

Several chefs will also be collaborating with each other to present their lessons.

Maira Yeo from two-Michelin star restaurant Cloudstreet, who was also crowned Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2022, will be working together with Chef Justin Lee of JL Dessert Bar all the way in Seoul.

Chef Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert in Bali will be collaborating with Chef Genevieve Lee of Sourbombe Bakery.

And if you want to cook side by side with these culinary greats, Food Kits will be available for purchase on SFF’s Online Marketplace as well.

Collaboration Dishes With Overseas Partners

Last but not least, for Singaporeans who’ve been living abroad and are craving local food, keep a lookout for the collaborations between local dishes and overseas restaurants during SFF this year!

In the Philippines, a 4-hands dinner by Chef Han Li Guang of Labyrinth and Chef Chele Gonzales of Gallery by Chele will be available.

On the other side of the globe, KEK Seafood will be working with UK burger chain Honest Burger to present a Cereal Chicken burger in the United Kingdom.

Apart from the burger, there will also be a limited-edition craft beer by Northern Monk, a brewery based in the United Kingdom, as well as Off Day Beer from Singapore.

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For those who are interested in attending any of the events in this year’s SFF, don’t forget to check out their website and book your tickets before they run out!

The complete list of experience, activities and prices are also listed on SFF’s website.

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