Big Fish Small Fish Offering a Set Meal at $5.40 While Taking a Dig at Huawei

If you didn’t know about the Huawei saga that happened today, you either have a life outside of the Internet or you’ve just woken up.

Long story cut short, Huawei promises a phone at $54 (U.P. $198) for three days for people above 50 years old, but it was soon revealed that there were only like 20 sets in each outlet. And to add fuel to the fire, some stores had allegedly run out of stocks even before they were open.

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It got so bad…

…that the police had to step in.

And we’re not talking about normal cops in shorts and white Polo-Tee. We’re talking about cops with assault rifles.

The elderly must be thinking, Simi sai?

But anyways, we all know that, and you’re not here to read yet another article about Huawei.

You’re here for another promotion catered for the elderly, and this time, you’re wondering if it’ll go out of stock.

Big Fish Small Fish Set Meal at $5.40 for People Above 50

Big Fish Small Fish, the homegrown fast-food restaurant that’s growing rapidly, is offering a set meal, which comprises a Dory Fish & Crisps and a drink, at $5.40.

It is originally at $11 (1 dish + 1 drink).

And because fishes aren’t creative, they’ve taken a leaf out of Huawei’s marketing team’s book and offer it only to people above 50 and above. Just like Huawei Why Unpro, you’d need to flash your NRIC to prove that you’re one of the people who’s contributed to building this prosperous country.

ANNNNND…just like Huawei again, it’ll be for three days, from today to this Sunday.

Here’s their Facebook post:

Lest you can’t read, here’s what they’ve written minus the emojis and hashtags:

To the generation who played a big part in building our nation:

Do not be disappointed if you didn’t get a phone!!!

Come and enjoy a Dory Fish & Crisps and a drink at only $5.40.

We will never run out of fish and crisps



3 days only (26 to 28 July 2019)

Simply flash your NRIC at the cashier counter to enjoy this awesome deal. (age 50 and above)

*limit to 1 per transaction

– Punggol Container Park #01-K35
– Northpoint City, South Wing #02-132,133
– Bugis Junction #04-05
– Tampines Mall #B1-K3

PS we have stocks


See, not I say they copy Huawei one. Is they say themselves one.

In any case, if you’ve not eaten there before, I’m going to copy and paste what my review of this fast-food chain that I’ve written in an earlier article:

The last time I was there, a plate of crisps was placed near the counter, and it’s a sample for non-diners to try.

Usually, people would lay a piece of paper that looks like mahjong paper on the table, place the crisps on the table and makan like they’re having prata (don’t know why, but I was just following suit because NS taught me to monkey see monkey do).

The crisps, as mentioned, are literally just thinner version of potato chips, but they’re not the star.


Because you don’t makan them by its own.

You dip them in sauces that are so dope, I would have dabao-ed them home if the staff isn’t looking at me as if I’m some thirsty thief.

There are a number of free-flow sauces available, like the usual chilli and ketchup, and also unique ones like Cheese Sauce, Curry Mayo Sauce and the Salted Egg Sauce. And here’s the ticket: the Salted Egg Sauce.

I’m no fan of salted egg and don’t understand the fad behind it, but this sauce is goody, man. The gooey and sweet sauce blends in perfectly with the crisps, almost like they’re lost-lost lovers who finally found each other this lifetime through Big Fish Small Fish.

The fried fish, which tastes just like any fishes, goes well with the sauces as well, but honestly speaking, I’ll take the crisps anytime.

In other words?

I’m loving it.

And with this deal, I’m loving it even mo—oh, wait, it’s for people above 50.


I wonder if I can use FaceApp to get this deal.

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