Bike-sharing Bike Got Its Wheels Stolen & This Time, It Wrote a Diary


With the recent influx of bike-sharing services in Singapore, Singaporeans have found it way more convenient to move around.

Heck, you could even ride an oBike for just 1 minute to your destination, and still feel shiok.

SO… you would naturally expect the users to… I dunno; appreciate their bikes? Maybe not to the point of worshipping, but perhaps just stuff like parking them upright, treating them nicely and NOT ABUSING THEM.

Sounds simple, right?

Theoretically, anyway.

Meet Willie

He’s been serving the Nation for quite some time, and while he didn’t exactly feel appreciated for his services, having been parked in some really weird places; he’s still relatively contented.

But it didn’t last for long: he was brutally violated by an individual.

Limbs forcibly broken off, Willie was left to die.

And that… proved to be the final wheel.

oBike Singapore chronicled his final diary entry, and it was a real tear-jerker.

Dear Diary,

I am getting wheelie tired of cycle-paths who don’t want to take all of me. I know my wheels are big and round but please keep me whole so I can support you. If you cut me, will I not bleed??

Stop, please…

As my tears fall freely, I look at his photo album.

When he was a little kid growing up in the neighbourhood…

Image: e27

To a handsome adult taking an #ootd…

Image: e27

To an old man taking on the task of being Bike-Mentor.

Image: City AM

All he ever did was good, for both the other bikes, and for the people of Singapore. In fact, he once said this.

As long as I can serve the people of my hometown, I’m contented. Until the day my wheels give up on me, I shall keep helping people; keep letting people ride on me. Even with my dying breath, I hope that there will be someone taking me for my last ride. Who it is doesn’t matter, although a pretty girl- ahem I mean anyone really, would make me happy.”

What earnest words from an earnest individual… Willie, my man…

What did he ever do to deserve this?

Image: oBike Singapore Facebook Page
Image: Imgflip


oBike dedicated a post to the abused bike on their Facebook page just yesterday (4 October 2017).

Image: oBike Singapore Facebook PageAnd it has garnered over 43 comments.

Shockingly, it wasn’t all sympathetic posts saying, “RIP Willie.”

Some were pretty emotional about it.


While some were inconsiderate little pricks and decided to make jokes at poor Willie’s expense.

Shame on you! You have no empathy for the poor bike. Shame on you and your fellow punters. You’re such cyclo-pathic individuals!

Spread the message; prevent other bikes from being like Willie

Bikes have feelings, alright? Just because you can’t see them talk and move, doesn’t mean that they are inhuman.


How do I know? Toy Story lo.

How would you feel if you were the one being abused? Your limbs were taken away, and you can never walk or touch anything again. Can you envisage the pain?

So before other bikes end up like Willie, STOP IT. Spread the message, and get your cyclo-pathic friends to ******* STOP their nonsense. If you want a damn wheel, go to a damn second-hand garage shop for one. Don’t violate a healthy bike’s innocence.

Do not force the kind-hearted citizens of Singapore to start the oBike Police force.


And oh, because there hasn’t been any news about abused bike (that is…too mainstream), this one would have to suffice. You don’t see a bike without wheels often.

On another note, rest in peace, Willie.

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Featured Image: Facebook (oBike Singapore)