Burger King S’pore Now has Thai-Inspired Items Like Tom Yum Burgers & Nuggets


Missing your vacations to Thailand?

Get a taste of Thailand with Burger King’s new Thai-inspired menu, like Tom Yum items and Mango Sticky Pie. You can even win a weekly lucky draw by eating these Thai-riffic treats!

Here are all the brand-new Thai-inspired items, available for a limited time only.

Tom Yum Themed Items

True to Burger King’s name, the Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp Chicken burger looks ready to dominate all the other burgers.

The Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken has been revamped to include a spread of Tom Yum Sauce, sure to send you to Thailand with every bite.

Image: Burger King Singapore

Or if you’d rather have something smaller, why not try the Tom Yum BK Nuggets? Enjoy the classic BK Nuggets with the limited time Tom Yum Sauce. Crispy nuggets and a kick of spices? Sounds like the perfect pairing to me.

Image: Burger King Singapore

There’s also the Tom Yum Drumlets, which are BK’s signature Mexican Drumlets topped with Tom Yum Sauce. Spice lovers, these drumlets might be your new favourite item from Burger King.

Image: Burger King Singapore

Miss Thai street food? Burger King understands and got your back. Try the Tom Yum Tendergrill Chicken, the Burger King version of popular Thai grilled skewers.

Image: Burger King Singapore

BTW, the Tom Yum Sauce has shellfish in it, so take note if you have any seafood allergies.

Thai Sharing Box

Sharing is caring, right?

You and your friends can enjoy this Thai Sharing Box full of crunchy treats. A mix of fries, three Mexican Drumlets, and golden Onion Rings, there’s a snack for everyone.


It also comes with the limited time Tom Yum Sauce for you to dip these treats in.

Image: Burger King Singapore

Mango Sticky Pie

Do you love mango sticky rice? What about mango sticky rice…in a pie?

Yep, I’m not kidding. Fragrant glutinous rice with juicy mangoes, all in a crunchy golden pie. Try one for yourself to judge!

Image: Burger King Singapore

Drinks To Chase The Heat Away

Is the Tom Yum heat getting to you? Or is it the unrelenting Singapore sun?

Have an Iced Lemon Tea Float, where ice lemon tea is topped with the delicious and velvety vanilla soft serve.

Image: Burger King Singapore

Or maybe try Purple Rain, a bubbly cup of Fanta Grape topped with Vanilla Soft Serve, and drizzled with sweet Strawberry sauce. It’ll be sure to chase the heat away!

Image: Burger King Singapore

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Weekly Lucky Draw

Submit your receipts for purchases of any Tom Yum selection items weekly, and stand a chance to win super-exclusive invites to the BK Painting event at Splat Paint House from 8 to 27 March.

You can submit your receipts here.

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Featured Image: Burger King Singapore