Man Who Appears Completely Naked in Public & Rode a Motorbike Pled Guilty to 2 Charges


Remember the guy who went viral for walking around in public, climbing another person’s car, and riding a motorcycle completely naked?

It wasn’t a dare or a weird social experiment, but rather a manic episode.

Here’s what happened.

Trespassed Into Shopping Mall Unit

Yeo Qi Wei, 25, entered Singapore Shopping Centre in Clemenceau Avenue in the afternoon of 9 June 2021.

When a security guard approached him, he said that he was going to the fifth storey for a massage. However, the guard saw through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitor that Yeo had gone to the fourth storey instead.

The guard followed Yeo and saw that he had damaged a door and was inside one of the units. CCTV footage showed him forcing open the door to the unit, which damaged it.

He also connected his laptop to a TV in the unit and watched something, before leaving the area after the guard came.

Climbed on Stranger’s Car, Rode Away on Motorcycle Naked

On the morning of 10 June, a man was sitting in his car at a Toa Payoh car park when he saw Yeo walk towards the car. He was only wearing his underwear.

Yeo then took off his underwear and climbed onto the man’s car, giving the man a very front-row seat to the spectacle.

After that, Yeo left his underwear on the man’s vehicle and rode away on his motorcycle, which was parked nearby.

The man must have been thinking about what he did to deserve getting some stranger’s naked body all over his car. But this unfortunate incident wasn’t the end of Yeo’s naked spree.

Naked in Choa Chu Kang Staircase

Another poor stranger saw Yeo naked and touching his private parts at a staircase landing in Choa Chu Kang.

It seems like Yeo was really making himself seen, as the police received eight reports of Yeo being naked in public places from 5:43am to 3:36pm on 10 June.

There were also lots of photos and videos riding his motorcycle naked that went viral on the Internet.

So why did he decide to streak across Singapore?

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Bipolar Affective Disorder, Had Manic Episode Before Offences 

On 11 March 2022, it was revealed in court that Yeo was referred to the Institute of Mental Health during investigations. He was then diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Jordon Li added that Yeo had probably experienced symptoms of a manic episode for about a week, before his actions on 9 and 10 June 2021.

While IMH had assessed that Yeo was of sound mind while committing his offences, his bipolar affective disorder did significantly contribute to his behaviour.

District Judge Kessler Soh had called for a report to assess Yeo’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order, or MTO. If granted an MTO, Yeo will undergo treatment for his condition instead of being given jail time.

Yeo will be sentenced on 5 May.

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