Black Bear Walks Into Hotel and Takes A Nap

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Have you ever had an uninvited guest over at your place? You know, like that one friend who would never leave?

Or have you ever had birds or any other kind of animals barging into your house uninvited?

Well, that was what a Montana hotel had to deal with, except their guest was a little more difficult to handle than the typical hotel guest.

It was a young black bear.

Bears may be cute…in cartoons.

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But in real life? Bears are not like Paddington.

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They are generally aggressive towards humans, with some species being more likely to attack than others.

Black Bear found in ladies’ bathroom

The young black bear was found in the sink of the ladies’ bathroom where he had made himself feel at home.


It was sprawling on the bathroom countertop, unfazed by its surroundings.

Image: Fox News

Black bears are usually less confrontational than grizzlies and polar bears.

The attempts to get the bear to leave on its own failed. He would kick back and nap across the countertop just like you and me in the morning.

Image: HuffPost UK

What a big mood though. 

Calling for reinforcements 

A team of police and wildlife officers was called in and they were able to give the bear a tranquilizer.

According to the hotel’s video montage of the encounter, the officers FaceTimed the bear to monitor him as he fell asleep.

I’m just impressed the bear knew how to use FaceTime.

So what do you do when you encounter a bear?

Singapore might not have bears roaming in Yishun void deck, but this is still a PSA for some of you who might encounter one overseas: When you encounter a bear, your first instinct would tell you to run for your damn life.

But no. DO NOT RUN. 

Avoid direct contact with the bear and walk away slowly if the bear is not approaching you.

However, if the bear is approaching you, stand your ground.

If the bear makes contact with you, curl up into a ball on your side, or lie flat on your stomach.

If you’re travelling to a country with bears, make sure you carry pepper spray with you. Prepare to use it when the bear attacks.

Be careful not to spray it in the wrong direction though!

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And please, don’t Instagram story it.

Know your priorities.


Film it and send to STOMP instead.


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