Blogger Xiaxue Says Ghost Stickers On Cars Aren’t Funny But Dangerous Instead

Imagine driving back from a thrilling night movie, after watching Annabelle Comes Home.

You’re feeling a little uneasy already, because the roads are dark, and who knows what’s out there in the places you cannot see?

You drive on, singing along at the top of your lungs to Baby Shark in order to take your mind off the creepy little doll.

And to your horror, you catch a glimpse of a face even scarier than Annabelle’s staring at you through the window of the car in front of you.

Image: South China Morning Post

So, in true manly man fashion, you scream at a higher pitch than a little girl and almost lose your grip on the wheel until you realise… oh.

It’s just stickers.

But still, that doesn’t stop you from cursing that *beep* for putting those stickers there and making you almost crash your car.

This situation may have happened to tons of other people too.

And it really did, for famous blogger and personality, Xiaxue has taken to Instagram to lash out at those people who put ghost stickers on their car windows.

Scary Encounter

Image: Instagram/xiaxue

Xiaxue posted a photo of one such car with two ghost sticker decals on the back window on her Instagram stories, saying that the photo was sent to her by her mum, who got so freaked out over the stickers that she almost crashed her car.

The blogger scolded the driver for doing so, asking what would happen if someone actually dies because they swerved away from the car and got into an accident, calling them “childish” and stating that it should be illegal.

“If you caused someone to crash and die it will be on your conscience forever. And for what? A few cheap laughs?” she questioned.

Netizens React

She also put up a poll asking her followers if this was dangerous, to which 95% of them answered “yes” to.

This post must’ve evoked many angry feelings amongst her followers, for one particular follower of hers came forward to share her own experience with the same car, which Xiaxue posted the conversation of thereafter.

Image: Instagram/xiaxue

According to the screenshots, the netizen claimed to have seen the exact same car a few days before Xiaxue did, when her dad was driving the car at the time.

Looks like this guy isn’t just a master prankster, but also a really bad driver and an F1 wannabe. He was swerving lanes like nobody’s business, causing the netizen’s father to shine lights on the car and freak out when he finally saw the stickers in the light.

As he had a history of heart attacks, the family thought it best for her brother to continue the drive and had to pull over at the side to make the switch. Enraged, they complained about it to LTA and TP, but it was to no avail about the stickers.

Xiaxue Calls For Ban

Image: Instagram/xiaxue

Horrified by the stories that others have shared with her, Xiaxue listed out further reasons as to why the stickers should be banned, claiming that for many scenarios of drivers getting into car accidents after being shocked by the stickers, the driver would get away scot-free for it was “technically not his fault”.

She even tagged Singapore Police Force in a garang move and said that if they don’t do anything about it, it’s fair game for citizens to take actions themselves.

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