Everything About Blood Oxygen Levels & COVID-19, Something We’d be Able to Measure Regularly With the Free Oximeter


Lest you’re not aware, Temasek Holdings, the big corporation that we now commonly associate with free hand sanitisers and masks, is giving us another freebie.

From 5 July to 5 August, every household is able to redeem a free oximeter to monitor their blood oxygen levels. But what do blood oxygen levels have to do with COVID-19?

That’s where Goody Feed is here to open your mind.

Everything About Blood Oxygen Levels, Something We’d be Able to Measure Regularly With the Free Oximeter

If you are wondering what does blood oxygen levels have to do with COVID-19, you’re not alone.

Apparently, “the COVID-19 virus can cause blood oxygen levels to drop to dangerously low levels, even when you have no other symptoms.”

It added that “silent pneumonia”, where people have damaged lungs but feel well, is especially dangerous.

In short, if an infected person has COVID-19 and is asymptomatic, the oximeter can help identify that person by measuring their blood oxygen levels.

If you have higher blood oxygen levels (somewhere between 95% and 100%), you’re considered to be healthy.

However, the moment the number drop below 95%, you should seek medical attention for you may need supplemental oxygen.

If your oximeter’s number shows that you have a blood oxygen level below 90%, you should head to the Accident and Emergency department immediately, as these levels are “dangerously low” and require urgent treatment.

However, if you feel ‘fine‘ even though your blood oxygen level does not seem ‘right‘, don’t panic, for there are various other factors such as trembling hands or the use of nail varnish that may result in an inaccurate reading.

Other underlying conditions can also cause oxygen levels to drop as well. On the other hand, if you suspect that you have COVID-19, especially if you have a recent exposure, you should get a COVID-19 test.

How to Use the Oximeter?

To use the oximeter, one simply has to place it around a fingertip and press a button to activate the device.

Then, wait a few seconds for the blood oxygen level reading to stabilise, and two numbers will pop up – the blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

Lest you’re not aware, some of your smartphones and smartwatches can also measure your blood oxygen level.

Do note that this method is still unable to replace the COVID-19 tests.


What Should You Do If You Accidentally Throw the Oximeter Redemption Leaflets Away?

So what should you do if you or your relatives accidentally threw the leaflet away, thinking it was your physical spam mail?

Unfortunately, Temasek Foundation is unable to provide a replacement leaflet. Their full response was: “We are sorry to hear that. The free oximeter can only be redeemed using the Stay Prepared leaflet with the redemption tab intact. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide another leaflet. We seek your understanding for this.

We wish you good health and take care.”

This is because the leaflet’s bar code on the redemption tab allows retailers to keep track of the number of oximeters distributed.

This method of collection should be common to the residents since it is the same method of collection used to collect the free hand sanitisers.


The good news is the leaflets are not unique to households. Thus, if residents wish to pass on their leaflet to others to collect an oximeter, they can do so.

Or if you die die still like to measure your blood oxygen level even when you’ve thrown away your leaflet, just buy a new phone that has that function.

Image: Youtube (Temasek Foundation)