Image of BMT Recruits Queuing Up in Cookhouse Suddenly Clocked Over 1.2K Shares Due to Their Attire


National Service (NS) is a huge part of the Singaporean identity.

Every Singaporean son is forced to proudly serve the nation for two years, most of them as a soldier in the army.

You know it’s a big part of our nation and lives when it’s the ultimate conversation topic between men, regardless of how close or unfamiliar they are.

“So yeah, I remember I last time got one Encik ah, wah he damn jialat sia.”

“Oh? Eh, you last time what unit one?”

Girlfriend: *groans* “Here we go…”

The Singapore Army Facebook

The Singapore Army has a very active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook.


They frequently update photos of random events and moments, perhaps to show that our Singaporean sons are in good hands.

Image: The Singapore Army

Ah, the familiar blue bed sheets and tiny yellow blanket.

Maybe their true goal is to give us nostalgia trips and feel thankful that we’re done with that sh*t.

Image: The Singapore Army

Ah, Pulau Tekong. My favourite place that I never want to see again. Except maybe to send off my future son.

But here’s the image that stirred up some commotion.

Image: The Singapore Army

Titled: “Having their first cookhouse meal.”

Hold up.

Image: knowyourmeme

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Why are they wearing PT kits in the cookhouse?

For the uninitiated, you are not supposed to wearing PT kits or admin attire in the cookhouse.

In fact, if my memory serves me well, you are to always don a Smart 4.

Image: Facebook

The Netizens still cooped up in their houses (but not for long) with all the times on their hands, have also noticed as much.

Image: Facebook

Some chose to focus on the ‘field pack’ they were carrying, even though that’s an assault pack.

Image: Facebook

Don’t forget the boomer wannabes, claiming this generation to be ‘pampered’.

Sorry to burst this dude’s ego bubble, but the last time I checked, you definitely still cannot wear PT kits to lunch.

Now there are a bunch of possible reasons for this – maybe they have some type of medical excuse in effect, or there are problems with their uniforms, or it could even be for gradual heat acclimatisation training.


However, one sharp netizen noticed something far more important.

Image: Facebook


We all had to wear these monstrosities or other standardised shoes back in my time.

Maybe this generation is really pampered?

Ok, boomer.

You may check out the original post here:


In case you can’t tell, we still have no idea why this clocked up 1.2k shares except for the fact that it’s a memory that millions of Singaporean sons shared.

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