BMW Changing Its Logo & Looks More Like It’s Designed in MS Paint

When I was younger I would ask my dad what BMW means, and he would tell me “Bring More Worries”.

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I actually believed him for a long time. But no, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or translated into English, it means Bavarian Motor Works.

Today, I have the pleasure of telling you a little more about BMW’s logo and some fun facts, including how the logo has actually been changed many times in the past:

BMW Changing Its Logo & Looks More Like It’s Designed in MS Paint

Though they have changed the logo of the brand multiple times in the past, this latest change might just be the biggest change since the first logo was introduced back in 1917.

BMW has made the black border transparent and removed the dated 3D light effect.

In essence, it kinda looks like someone from BMW hired me to design this logo for them on MS paint.

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Here’s a look at all of their logos over the years.

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While most of us might only be familiar with the BMW logo that features a black ring and a 3Dish design, the logo has actually undergone numerous revisions in the past.

The latest revision is by far the biggest change as it now looks.. flat?

What remains is the “BMW” name (obviously) and the blue and white colours.

According to BMW, the blue and white colours are the colours of the State of Bavaria in Germany, which is the home of BMW.

Many people believe that it is meant to represent a propeller, but this is actually allegedly not the case. I’ll explain more about that later, but first, let’s look at the new logo.

According to World Of Buzz, BMW revealed its new logo alongside the release of their i4 concept car. This brand new logo was meant to “radiate more openness and clarity”.


Graphic designers were in support of the new look as it’s apparently caught up with the trends in the graphic designing industry as it increases the logo’s versatility.

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The announcement was made by Jens Thiemer, the Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW who said, “With this new transparent variant, we want to invite our customers more than ever to become part of the BMW world. In addition, our new brand design is geared to the challenges and opportunities of Digitization for brands.”

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Besides digitisation, BMW will use this logo offline and online, “We are equipping ourselves flexibly for the wide variety of contact points in communication at which BMW will show its presence online and offline in the future.”

Does The BMW Logo Represent A Propeller?

Here’s a fun fact that not a lot of people are aware of. Many people believe that the BMW logo represents a propeller. But why is that the case?

Let me explain.

Back in 1929, a BMW ad showed an aeroplane with the BMW logo in the propeller.

Image: BMW

At the start of the global economic crisis, the ad was hoping to promote a new aircraft engine that BMW was building under license from Pratt & Whitney. The propeller interpretation fitted very well into the advertising image of the young company, because it highlighted the company’s roots and its expertise in aircraft construction.

Ever since then, people have believed that the BMW logo is a propeller. Thus, it is a legend that still lives on today.

“For a long time, BMW made little effort to correct the myth that the BMW badge is a propeller,” explains Fred Jakobs of BMW Group Classic.


Hence, the belief that the BMW logo is a propeller isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t strictly true either.

“This interpretation has been commonplace for 90 years, so in the meantime, it has acquired a certain justification,” Jakobs explains.

So there you have it, folks. Now tell me, are you a fan of the new BMW logo? Or are you sad that they’ve also gone the smartphone way, whereby every icon has changed from 3Dish to 2Dish?

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