BMW Driver ‘Forced’ Elderly Attendant To Bear $125 & Caltex Has Responded: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (15 Apr)

When you think BMW drivers, you’ll be thinking of a man (or woman, don’t want to be sexist here) with gold chains, gold tooth and branded clothes, and (sometimes) generous AF.


Not this BMW driver though.

Here are six news that’s capturing Singaporeans’ attention today.

P/S: The last one might gross you out.

60YO Caltex Attendant Made To Pay $125 As BMW Owner Says He Only Asked For $10 Worth Of Fuel

Just looking at that headline will make you think that driver’s such a bastard.

Image: Kelly Yeo Facebook Page

Facebook user, Kelly Yeo, came across this situation at Caltex Tampines @ Ave 8 on 14 Apr 2018.

Image: Kelly Yeo Facebook Page

In a post to Caltex, she wrote about this BMW driver who refused to pay for his fuel worth $135.

He claimed at the cashier that he had only instructed the attendant to give him fuel amounting to $10 and insist that he will not pay for the remaining $125.

When the attendant, who looked around 60 years old, was summoned to the counter to explain the situation, he tried to say that he was instructed to pump a full tank’s worth of fuel. The BMW 5 series car owner immediately denied the allegation.

Just some background about BMW: the 3 series is a smaller version, 5 series of the middle version and the 7 series is the biggest version.

The attendant then told the cashier to charge the man $10, and he’ll take responsibility and pay for the remaining amount out of his own pocket.

So, at the end of the day, the man got $135 worth of fuel for only $10 while the attendant, who might’ve been earning $1,600 per month have to pay for the deficit.

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She immediately put up a post to Caltex, asking for clarification as well as pleading for leniency on behalf of the elderly attendant.

Here’s how people usually pump petrol: driver gets off car, tells the attendant how much to pump and then proceed to pay at the cashier.

In fact, Caltex is our client for an ongoing campaign they have (pump $50 for a tissue box and lucky draw…not $10) and there’s a scene on the process:

Caltex has since replied to her post.

Image: Kelly Yeo Facebook Page

They said that they’re looking into the matter, and the attendant wasn’t made to pay for the shortfall.

Whew, Caltex just earned themselves an admirer for life.

Well, at least everyone in Goody Feed is pumping our petrol there (although the main reason is that it’s the nearest petrol station from our office lah, and our boss insists because must support client mah).

Flash Floods & Heavy Rain Alerts Hit S’pore Yesterday, 14 Apr

Do you have shoes you treasure so much, even getting a speck of dirt on them will make you cry?


If you’re someone like that, then you’re going to want to stop wearing them for a while.

Because they might just get destroyed when you’re out and about.


PUB issued flash floods warning yesterday, saying that their measuring station at Little India measures a 100% increase in water level.

They’d even tweeted about high flood risks at Tanjong Penjuru and Penjuru Road at 4.31pm.

NEA also issued heavy rain alerts, with moderate to heavy thunder showers over most part of Singapore except the Southern tip.

And they’re expecting afternoon showers for the next four days as well.

Singapore is currently experiencing the inter-monsoon season and afternoon showers are, at times, intense in the afternoon and evening period.

So before you go, make sure you bring your umbrella everywhere, and don’t wear your favourite pair of shoes for the rest of the month.

I’m speaking from experience because as I’m writing this now, it’s pouring cats and dogs.

Johor Plans To Create 3 Theme Parks Worth $2.7 Billion

Tourism is the lifeblood of some countries, including Japan and Singapore. Japan is introducing Sayonara tax and putting more money into promoting their tourism.

And Singapore? We’re taxing and charging all travellers from Changi Airport to pay for an even bigger and better (hopefully) terminal, T5.

So it goes without saying that tourism is important.

Well, our friendly neighbour, Malaysia, decides to ramp up their tourism game. And this time, they’re planning attractions in Johor that’ll fight with Singapore’s attractions on an even field.


Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said that Johor is the Southern Tiger of the Straits, and it’s high time they show off their teeth and stripes.

They are planning 3 major entertainment parks in Johor worth S$2.7 billion (RM 8 billion) that will make it an economic powerhouse in the region.


If Singapore has Gardens by the Bay, we’ll have a new tourism centre at the Desaru coast.

They have Universal Studios Singapore, so we’re going with a science fiction theme park near Legoland.

He added that once the projects are completed, he wouldn’t be surprised to see Singaporeans coming in to Johor to enjoy the world-class facilities.


News flash, bro. Singaporeans are already going into Johor to enjoy the facilities.



That and the grocery shopping, movies, massage and anything else under the sun. #JustSaying.

S’pore Driver Performs Most Badass U-Turn At Traffic Light And It’s Dangerous AF

There’s a lot to be said for Singaporean drivers.

Inconsiderate, loud, rude, and everything else in between. Yes, I don’t have a good impression of Singapore drivers.

But this guy, well, he probably topped all of those mentioned above.

Driving a car that looked amazingly like the Sprinter Trueno AE86 from Initial D.


He made a badass u-turn at a traffic junction believed to be in Singapore, adding in a little drift.


Unfortunately for the driver, his car plate is immediately visible in the video.

Who knows, if the video goes viral enough, he might just be be getting a visit from the TP soon.

But seriously, don’t try this at home, or to be more exact, in your own car.

Kor Kor got train one, ok?

S’pore Cafe Sells Bubble Tea Toast. Yes, Bubble TEA Toast.

If your reaction is like this.


I don’t blame you.

It’s putting drinks between bread.

But impossible as it sounds, it’s already been done. In Singapore, no less.

Image: Stormscape Instagram Page

Created by The Benjamins at The Forum, they launched a few series on their menu that has to do with Bubble Tea.

Think bubble tea’s pearls between two pieces of bread and in three different sauces: Ovaltine, Crunchie and Caramel Lotus Bubble Milk Tea Toast.

Each toast will put you back by $6.90.

Curious to see how it tastes? You can find out yourself at their store!

Location: Orchard Road, The Forum, #01-20

Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 9 pm (Sun to Thurs) / 10.30 am to 9.30 pm (Fri & Sat)

A Series of Pictures of Bacteria Living On Your Hands Right Now

How hygienic do you think you are? Very, or do you belong to the category of, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger lah?

When you finish your business at the toilet, do you wash your hands? And even if you do wash them, do you wash with soap, or just give it a little rinse and walk off.

Here are several pictures of what’s going on with your hands after specific actions that’ll gross you out.

Warning: don’t read this when you’re eating.

This is the image of bacteria on your hands after visiting the toilet

(Left): Without washing your hands / (Right) Washing with water and soap.

Bacteria left on your hand after using your mobile phone

Our mobile phone’s surface has a lot of bacteria on it because we put them everywhere.

After pushing trolley at supermarkets

Taken after looking through a menu

After getting dog saliva on your hands

And finally, after using the office pantry’s sponge

This was a study conducted by Today and supervised by Dr Chris Sham, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at the National University of Singapore.

Time to go buy hand sanitisers liao.

*Images from

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