BMW Allegedly Hit Woman & Dragged a Dog Under It in Pasir Ris


There’s a saying that the streets are the jaws of death, and that’s (unfortunately) the case sometimes.

Even in a safe country like Singapore.

Just yesterday (12 January) morning, a Facebook user named Rachel Dominique Ng took to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group to share about a hit-and-run accident that took place on Wednesday (11 January).

According to Ng, the incident involved her sister and two of the family’s dogs.

Here’s what happened and what you need to know.

Hit-and-Run Occurred at New Loyang Link

In her post, Ng informed the group’s members that her sister had been involved in a hit-and-run accident on Wednesday (11 January) night at around 11.30 pm near the traffic junction at New Loyang Link.

At that time, two dogs, a Chow Chow and a Labrador, were with her sister.

Ng also clarified that her sister was walking back to their house at Loyang Rise after walking the dogs at Pasir Ris Park when the pedestrian light at the traffic junction turned green.

However, the driver of a BMW car swerved right, hitting both her sister and the Chow Chow.

“My Chow Chow took the brunt of the hit and was dragged under his car,” she recalled.

According to Ng, the green cross in this screenshot is where the accident occurred:

Image: Facebook (Rachel Dominique Ng)

Additionally, Ng also revealed that the driver did not stop driving to check on her sister and the dogs after hitting them.

“It’s ridiculous that this driver could still continue driving even upon hearing the screams of my sister that could be heard by my mother and neighbours a whole road away & feeling the body of my dog under his car. We really hope to find him and have him charged,” she wrote.

Dog Dragged Under Car Sustained Severe Injuries

After the accident, the Chow Chow ended up sustaining severe injuries as it was dragged under the BMW.

It had to be hospitalised due to a broken arm “which fractured into three pieces” and a dislocated hip.

Both injuries resulted in the dog needing major surgery, and a recent update showed that it underwent surgery yesterday (12 January).

Image: Facebook (Rachel Dominique Ng)

Apart from the Chow Chow, Ng’s sister wasn’t spared either.

Based on the Facebook post and image attached, Ng’s sister ended up with cuts and bruises on her body after the accident.

In addition, Ng claimed that her sister also experienced severe head and neck pain.

Image: Facebook (Rachel Dominque Ng)

Thankfully, the other dog, a Labrador, escaped unscathed.

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Victim’s Family Appealing for Video Footage as Evidence

At the end of her Facebook post, Ng concluded by appealing for any video footage that drivers might have taken with the camera on their car’s dashboards.


In particular, she asked drivers to reach out if they were near Loyang Link at around 11.30 pm on 11 January.

According to Ng, the car that hit her sister and the dogs was a black BMW with four doors.

“There is also a camera at this junction[,] but we will have to confirm with the police if it was recording,” she explained.

To reach out to the victim and her family with video footage or other information, you may contact Ng via Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Rachel Dominique Ng)