Mercs Driver in Viral Fatal Crash Video Was Drink-Driving


Even though it’s been over a year since it occurred, I’m sure many of us still remember how horrifying this accident in Tampines was.

I’m talking about the fatal crash that took place at the junction between Tampines Avenue 1 and Tampines Avenue 10 on 23 December 2021.

The accident involved a Mercedes driver who crashed his car with the car plate number SKU5916J into four cars and a motorcyclist, and one of the drivers ended up being killed.

In total, there were seven victims as a result of the accident.

The perpetrator, Mr Jeremiah Ng En You, currently faces five charges involving these victims under the Troad Traffic Act.

In particular, Ng, 34, faces a charge of drink-driving and dangerous driving, which ultimately caused the passing of Mr Kenn Wong Mun Soon, one of the other drivers at the scene.

Apart from that, he is also facing charges of dangerous driving causing hurt to four others and dangerous driving causing grievous hurt to a motorcyclist, as well as a fifth charge of dangerous driving which caused him to crash into a car.

Apart from the fifth charge mentioned, the remaining victims have since been named in court.

Ng, who was charged in October last year, is currently out on bail of $15,000.

His pre-trial conference will be held on 20 January.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Happened

The accident occurred at around 11.15 pm on 23 December 2021, after Ng’s Mercedes A180 crashed into Mr Wong’s car.

At that time, Ng apparently drove his car at a speed of 92km/h even though the speed limit on that road was 60km/h.

During the time of the crash, Mr Wong’s car was situated at the rightmost lane of a four-lane road and was stationary.

After Ng crashed into Mr Wong, Mr Wong’s car collided with a taxi, a motorcycle and another unnamed vehicle.


This caused the driver of the taxi, Mr Kamsani Tarseelim, and Truong Manh Quang, the driver of the other car, to be injured. Mr Tarseelim is a 41-year-old Indonesian, while Truong Manh Quang is a 39-year-old Vietnamese.

The motorcyclist, 24-year-old Mahmud Azmani Fikri Mahmod Fuao, also sustained injuries.

Apart from that, the two people sitting in the rear passenger seats of Mr Wong’s car also ended up injured. They are Mr Sim Hong Wee, 24, and Mr Darren Ng Zi Yuan, 23.

According to video footage of the accident, two cars were speeding along that road before a red Mercedes crashed through a railing near a traffic light.

After being called to the scene, officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had to use hydraulic rescue equipment to rescue Mr Wong as he was trapped in his seat.


Unfortunately, he was unconscious when he was sent to Changi General Hospital and passed away in the hospital afterwards.

After the incident, Ng was initially arrested by the police for dangerous driving causing death.

However, according to court documents, the police later found that Ng apparently had at least 42 microgrammes (mcg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

For reference, the prescribed limit in Singapore is 35mcg, and drivers with a blood alcohol level above that are deemed to have been drink-driving.

Lawsuits Filed Against Ng

On the other hand, Mr Wong’s sister has also filed a lawsuit against Ng.

His sister, Rachel Wong, is the administrator of Mr Wong’s estate, and she is suing Ng on behalf of Mr Wong’s dependents as well. His dependents include his 27-year-old Vietnamese wife and 85-year-old mother.


Two other individuals have also filed their own separate lawsuits, and the lawsuits seek to claim over $290,000 from Ng in total.

Based on the statement of claim that was filed in a district court last September, Ms Wong disclosed that her brother earned a living by giving private art lessons and being a private-hire driver for Grab and Gojek.

She added that her brother was 59 years old at the time of his passing.

Monetary Losses Caused to Victims

According to court documents, Mr Wong married his wife in 2017.

He had intended for his wife to relocate to Singapore permanently and would give her $450 every month.


Apart from that, he would also give his mother an allowance of $390 every month.

Besides Mr Wong, Mr Darren Ng Zi Yuan is also seeking damages from Ng.

Mr Darren Ng, one of the passengers in Mr Wong’s car, is seeking to claim over $1,333 for his medical expenses and the replacement of his spectacles and mobile phone.

Another man, 41-year-old Muhammad Fariz Sa’adon, is also seeking claims for his medical expense and loss of income. He claimed that he was the driver of a car that Ng had collided with.

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In Singapore, first-time offenders who are caught drunk driving may be penalised with a maximum fine of $10,000, jailed for up to a year, or both.

This applies even if no accidents occur.

Drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol may also be disqualified from driving for two years for their first offence.

Those found guilty of dangerous driving causing death for the first time face a maximum of eight years in jail, with the minimum sentence being two years.


They may also be disqualified from driving for ten years or longer.

Those who commit the offence a second time will face a minimum of four years in jail, with the maximum sentence being 15 years in jail.

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