Wild Boar That Injured Woman in Yishun Has Been Caught & Put to Sleep


Remember the wild boar that knocked a woman unconscious in Yishun?

The wild boar has been caught and put to sleep on 20 March.

Wild Boar Knocked Woman Unconscious

On 9 March at about 6:50pm, a woman was knocked unconscious by the boar at Block 846 Yishun Street 81. It then ran into the glass storefront of a nearby glasses store, before escaping to Yishun Park.

The woman was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital by paramedics, and Yishun Park was closed for the public’s safety.

Wild Boar Trapped and Euthanised

In a Facebook post on 21 March, Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim shared that Yishun Park has been reopened.

The wild boar was trapped by NParks officers on 20 March, and was “euthanised humanely for public safety”.

Meanwhile, the woman who was knocked unconscious is also recovering well.

Responses Divided: Shouldn’t Have Euthanised Boar

The Facebook comments under Associate Professor Faishal were mostly supportive of NParks’ decision to euthanise the boar.

However, in interviews with The Straits Times, Yishun residents seem to beg to differ.

One resident said that she was disappointed by the euthanising of the boar, saying that it was the “convenient solution”. She also felt that this showed how little regard Singapore really has for nature and other animals that are sharing the same space as us.

Another resident also pointed out that killing one boar doesn’t mean that other boars won’t come into urban areas in the future.

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More Humane Options Needed

Anbarasi Boopal, the co-chief executive of local wildlife rescue group Acres, also expressed her disappointment at the euthanising. This is especially given that the boar was captured from a park.

She labelled this incident a reminder of the reality that wild animals are the ones getting punished when they accidentally injure humans. This is contradictory to Singapore’s goal of being a “City In Nature” and safeguarding nature.

Ms Anbarasi also noted that based on the boar’s behaviour in videos, the boar didn’t deliberately attack humans. Instead, it was triggered by something that caused it to run wild..

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Featured Image: Facebook (Carrie Tan 陈澮敏)