Body Experts Say People Can Still ‘See’ Your Smile Even If You’ve a Mask On

After two months of circuit breaker and almost another month of ‘Phase One’ (aka Circuit Breaker 2.0), most of us have adapted to this new lifestyle.

Our phones and computer are the primary sources of entertainment now.

“New lifestyle”? *Laughs in otaku*

Source: Tumblr

What are friends? Are there humans outside of our own family? Do I still know how to take the MRT?

The ‘outside world’ is a dangerous, desolate wilderness full of darkness and death and we only venture out in short trips for necessary supplies.

Fortunately, all of that is coming to an end this Friday. Sort of.

There are still a handful of things you can’t do, so be sure to read up here, lest you end up like that bak kut teh guy.

Masks On

By the time this entire thing is over, be it Phase 3 or beyond that, it is going to be weird to be able to go out without restrictions and not wear a mask.

For now, we have to accept that the mask will be a part of our outfit, even through Phase 2.

But that’s okay, then you can look more like your Korean oppas and unnies.

Image: Amino

But chances are that you’ve already gotten plenty used to it. Maybe you’re working in essential services or often venture out for food and groceries.

You then see a friend on the street or the auntie who always call you shuai ge, and you want to give them a sweet smile to practice your social skills.

But wait, you’re wearing a mask. They can’t see it. And now you feel like an idiot. We’ve all been there.

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However, it turns out that we were wrong.

Janine Driver, a body language expert said that a smile is so much more than just your mouth.

As people say, your eyes are the windows to your soul.

A smile of “true enjoyment”, as she said, shows up in your eyes as crow’s feet or laugh lines at your eyes.

That’s why you can still tell when a baby is smiling even if they have a pacifier on.

Image: Twitter

Or SNSD Tiffany because of her gorgeous eye smile.

Also, your voice tone changes due to the shape of your mouth.

Hence, it’s really important to keep smiling especially since we look intimidating enough with a mask on.

However, all of these also means you actually have to be happy to see the person and be genuinely smiling.

If you’re trying to fake smile to your auntie that you secretly dislike or trying to charm your way for a discount on your cai png, it probably wouldn’t work.

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