10 Things That You Still Can’t Do During Phase 2


Come on, everybody, say yeah~

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19 June is 3 days away, baby~

And that’s when we’ll regain some sort of normalcy in our lives.

You can now meet up with friends and…wait for it…you can now eat outside without breaking the law.

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Now, before you get too excited and let something like this happen again

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Here are 10 things you still can’t do during Phase 2 or we might just go straight back into Phase 1 (or worse, CB).

1. Have A Huge Birthday Bash For Your Grandma

When you’re over 60 and have four kids, birthday bash is a thing.

Your kids and kids-in-law all come home with their kids, and maybe their kids’ kids. Put together, you guys might be able to form one full soccer team, including a reserve goalie.

During Phase 2, such a celebration is, unfortunately, still a dream.

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For any visiting of households, only a maximum of five people is allowed to visit a household during Phase 2.

So if you’re a big family, split up.

2. You Can’t Watch Your Favourite Soccer Match Live At The Coffee Shop

Other than the 5-people rule for eating out, here’s another one that can throw a spanner into your beautiful dreams.

Watching soccer at home is so boring. Your family doesn’t understand why you’re shouting gibberish at the TV (even though your wife does the same thing with Korean dramas) and every time you do that, your kid just looks at you like you’re pathetic.

Watching a soccer match at the coffee shop downstairs, however, with your friends and a mug of Tiger beer is so much better.

Again, you can’t do that during Phase 2 because while you can now dine out, live music, television and video screenings aren’t allowed…yet.

3. You Can’t Touchy-Touchy Your Friends

It’s mentioned that while a social gathering of 5 people (maximum) is allowed, you’d still have to keep a 1-metre distance away from each other.


So does that mean you can’t hold hands for couples? Like that how to show Instagram that you’re still together?

Well, it’s not explicitly mentioned but here’s what MOH said: “Where not feasible or practical to apply one-metre safe distancing between individuals, this one-metre requirement can instead be enforced between groups, with each group made up of not more than five persons, and with no mixing between groups.”

I think they’re referring to couples. Or maybe mahjong players.

4. No Clubbing Or Picking Up Girls At The Bar

A frequent goer of nightclubs or bars?

Itching to get back onto your game instead of simply chatting via Tinder?


Well, you’ve got to wait a bit longer because at Phase 2, entertainment venues like bars, nightclubs and pubs still can’t open.

Of course, previously, the multi-ministry task force did say that they’ll try and get these entertainment venues open sometime in Phase 2 but just like everything else, it’s not guaranteed lah.

Speaking of entertainment venues…

5. No Karaoke Sessions & Movies

Miss watching a blockbuster on a 13-metre by 20-metre screen? Hate that you can only watch your favourite movies on a 32″ TV?

Well, it’s not coming back for now.

Karaoke, cinemas, theatres, indoors and outdoors attractions are not allowed to open yet as well.


Guess James Bond’s No Time To Die might just come to life on your 32″ TV huh.

For now, the only K-sessions you can have with your friends is a Zoom K-session.

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6. No Large-Scale Events

A solemnisation is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people.

Well, one-in-a-lifetime or not, if you’re looking to get married (legally) during this period, you’ll have to share this moment intimately with a limited number of people.

You’re only allowed to have 20 people (maximum) at the event. A maximum of 10 if you’re having a solemnisation at home or at ROM & ROMM.


Again, masks must be on and safe-distancing of 1-metre must be kept.

But hey, if you’re looking for a legit way to save on some moolah while not offending your in-laws, this could be the best time to make her yours.

Large-scale events also refer to events like the exhibitions, conferences, religious services and congregations.

So if you’re used to picking up a new laptop from IT shows, the only place you can go to now is Challenger, which will be opening from Phase 2.

7. Have The Family & Friends Out In Full Force During Funeral Wakes

This is a bad time to die.

Okay, there’s never a good time to die but now? It’s even worse.

Because not only do you lose a loved one, not everyone can come to the wake to pay their last respects and you get shamed online if some overzealous netizen decides to serve up some “justice”.

But in Phase 2, there’s some leeway.


Instead of a cap of 10 pax, it has now been increased to a cap of 20 people at the wake at any one point in time.

Of course, masks and safe-distancing are still mandatory.

8. Studying Still Has To Be Done At Home

Gone are the days where we go to the library to read newspapers, flirt with your crush or study.

Is it coming back on Phase 2 (19 Jun)? Can we finally study in the blessed silence of the library?

Image: quickmeme

Libraries and museums are considered as large cultural venues, and as just like any place with the tag “large”, it’s not going to open so fast.

So if you want to study? Stick to your bedroom.

Of course, while you can dine in at Starbucks, seat hogging isn’t advised at this point in time.

9. You Can’t Get All Your Employees To Come Back To The Office

During Phase 1, bosses are told that the default mode of working is WFH.

So does that mean that come 19 Jun 2020, everyone can finally be called back to the office to work?

Image: Tenor


Image: Tenor

According to Gov.sg, the default mode of working in Phase 2 is still working from home.

Anyone who can carry out their roles effectively while not being present at the office must still work from home.

Don’t play with this rule because the authorities have shut down workplaces before for forcing employees to come back to the office.

10. You Can’t Stop Following The Rules

Now, while this sounds like common sense, you’ll be surprised at how many people out there don’t know this.

Facebook (Antonia Khaw) / This happened during Phase 1.

One message that has been emphasised over and over again by the authorities is this:

Don’t let down your guard. we might have won one battle but the war is far from over.

While Phase 2 means that the situation has gotten a tad bit better, we still have a “long way to go”.

There’s still Phase 3, after all.

And like the authorities said, this is a two-way thingy.

If things get better, we can get more freedom but if the situation worsens? We might just go right back into Phase 1, or worse, Circuit Breaker.

So let’s all work together and follow the rules to push down Covid-19 transmission as much as we can.

After all, I don’t think Singaporeans can take #CB ver. 2.0.

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