Boss Forces All Female Staff to Kiss Him Every Morning as a Company Tradition


Last Updated on 2022-10-02 , 10:37 am

Oh, what atrocity.

In a company in China, all-female staffs have to line up every morning to receive a kiss from their boss as part of the “company’s tradition” so as to foster “good relationships” between the employer and employee.

This was part of the company’s SOP as created by the boss of the Beijing company himself.

It was reported that this gesture is usually done between 9 am and 9.30 am every day. In the boss’ defence, he claims that he got the idea from an American company that practised such morning kisses as a result of his vast travelling experiences.

The news got even more viral after this atrocious video was circulated on the Internet.

And if you didn’t notice, one of the employees in the video was cringing in disgust – probably because he forgot to brush his teeth in the morning or something.

If the employees are not able to fulfil this tradition, they will have to resign.

This has also caused some of the employees to succumb to this absurd tradition despite their reluctance.

The job market must be really bad, huh? For them to endure such torture every morning just to keep their jobs.

This is apparently illegal in Singapore; watch this video to the end and you’d understand:

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