S’pore Boss Slams Intern for Asking for Zoom Interview Instead of Physical Interview


Do you think that asking for a virtual interview is entitled?

This employer certainly thinks that was unacceptable even for an internship position, and cancelled the interview. He then went on a tirade online, saying how he prefers foreigners instead of “entitled Singaporeans”.

Student Left Previous ‘Toxic’ Company After 1 Day

A Facebook user Jeffrey posted about this incident on 15 September, with the tagline: “Call me a boomer, but I seriously think our future is f***ed.”

This student was looking for an internship at his company, and had actually left her previous company after one day due to a toxic environment. Jeffrey “gave her the benefit of the doubt” and decided to grant her an interview.

Asked If Virtual Interview is Possible, Boss Cancels Interview Entirely

19 minutes after agreeing to a physical interview, the student asked if it is possible to have a virtual interview instead.

Image: Facebook (Jeffrey Koh)

It should be noted that she didn’t give a reason for this preference in the message, which was what pissed Jeffrey off. He replied by saying, “Don’t think so. It’s ok if you don’t wanna come down”, and then entirely cancelled the interview three minutes later.

24 minutes later, he posted about this on Facebook, so it’s safe to assume that he immediately started typing out his rant after turning the student down.

“F*** Rules and Laws Protecting Entitled Singaporeans”

Labelling the student as an entitled Singaporean, Jeffrey said that this is why he welcomes foreigners “who are hungry and hardworking”.

Basically saying that having a virtual interview means the interviewee is lazy lah. 

He even went to curse out the rules and laws that ensures Singaporeans are treated fairly in the job market.


These comments are the minority, but seeing that the other comments flame not just Jeffrey but the general #TeamBoss population, let’s start with this.

One comment said that young people don’t have the skills to back up their demands, and that “Gen Z doesn’t deserve the good life because they never worked for it as hard as we did.”

Image: Facebook

When someone responded saying that their mindset is that the only way to make money is through horrible conditions, the original commenter said “because that’s how me – and an entire generation – had done it”.

But after some pretty civil discussion in the comments, the original commenter then conceded that “a little empathy goes a long way” and “don’t we work hard so our children have a better life?”

Wait, so did this guy swerve lanes to #TeamIntern?

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#TeamIntern is clearly having a fantastic barbeque party, with how much flaming they’re doing here.


Several comments said that the intern actually dodged a bullet there, since this boss is clearly the toxic environment she was trying to avoid.

Image: Facebook

Other comments said that this boss lacks leadership, and is embarrassing himself by thinking that judging someone like that is the right thing to do.

Image: Facebook

Many also criticised the mentality of “hungry” candidates, which simply points to exploitative and toxic bosses that don’t keep up with the times.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Additionally, with the rising use of technology and working from home, the student’s request for a virtual interview is perfectly reasonable.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

What do you think? Are you #TeamBoss or #TeamIntern?


Also, you might want to watch this video before drawing any conclusion:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jeffrey Koh)