Boss Wrote FB Post to Tell Staff to Go Home on Time; S’poreans Respond with Their Stories

There’re nice bosses, there are mean bosses and there are just about a million bosses in between in that spectrum.

Working hours can get long and draining. And as much as we want work-life balance, the reality is that most of us don’t manage to get it, especially in the corporate world.


But wait…there has been a big hoo-ha recently over what Filipino founder and CEO of Ideal Visa Consultancy, Charity Delmo, posted on Facebook.

In summary, Charity stated that she hires her employees in hopes that they “can be a good provider to your family”.

“So when the time comes that you will have to choose between attending your sons and daughters’ school activities over a client’s needs, if you have to choose between your wife or your husband’s needs over mine as your boss, —please choose them.”


” I have always believed that a person who’s happy at home is also happy at work.

So, Go home. Be home.

Your work can wait. I can wait.”

We can’t help but applaud her for her charity (pun fully intended) towards her employees and her kind words.

Especially when we know it isn’t easy to manage a company while trusting her employees at the same time.

There have been some hilarious reactions (and quite tragic too) stories that Singaporeans have shared upon reading this post and we’re here to highlight a few of them to you.

This is so true

Sometimes need to do work on the aeroplane, and while waiting at the airport also. #truestory

Want to be with family then kena fired.

But is that really true?

Let’s face it, as much as a boss can care about his or her employees, their priority as a boss (and understandably so) will be their business and so naturally, her kind words, though sweet and thoughtful, is somewhat a tad idealistic.

The whole point of a job is to contribute to a company, since you are getting paid to do so, and there will be more instances you’ll have to sacrifice family time to finish your job.

Also, realistically you just can’t be leaving your desk for your kids’ school activities or a misunderstanding with your husband.

What if you have 4 kids and each of them has an activity on consecutive days and you also end up having a misunderstanding with your husband during the last working day of the week? This employee would then be out of the office for a whole week.

Multiply this by just 20 employees, the office will be empty half the time (not to mention the number of people who will take advantage of this generous system because people are like that by nature).

Hence, his point.

The whole point of having a work-life balance is learning how to juggle work stress with family stress, not sacrificing one completely for the other. So, Charity, you are a saint, but as it turns out, the reality isn’t quite like that.

We can applaud her for such a mentality, but employees everywhere, bear in mind that you still need to work hard and learn how to balance work crisis and personal problems.