Both Guys Have Responded to NUS Gold Digger Who Is Torn Between a Rich & Poor Guy


It all started not-so-innocently; a gold digger NUS undergraduate posted a confession on NUSWhispers, for she is torn between her long-time poor boyfriend and a new rich guy. I think she’s pretty certain that it wouldn’t have got so viral, and I also think she believes that no one would have figured out who Guy A and Guy B are.

If you can’t read it, here’s what she confessed.

Guy A
-Year 4 graduating Law student
-Drives a BMW
-Has direct ownership of his own apartment
-Well versed in all sorts of subject and knowledgeable
-Very generous( Brought me to a fine dining restaurant)

Guy B
-First year in NS

-Enrolling into Mechanical engineering after ord
-Always talk about boring and meaningless army stuffs
-Would only bring me to swensen’s or ajisen on anniversaries

Guy A is a close male friend of mine in uni while Guy B is my current BF.


I used to think that my relationship is very stable before entering uni, however Guy A appeared in my life and made me reconsidered my original thoughts. Lately, I found out that I really love to engage in intelligent conversation with A, talking about all kinds of life issues and travelling experiences etc. On the other hand, my BF will only talk to me about boring and meaningless army stuffs that spark zero interest in me. He simply couldn’t understand that I already had enough academic troubles on my plate. Worse of all, he cannot be there when I had emotional break downs . I’m glad Guy B was there to hug me to sleep when I needed emotional support the most. Although I’m a fan of swensen’s and ajisen, that doesn’t mean that I won’t get sick of it. When I suggest to visit atas places for our anniversaries, my BF would always brush this topic aside by saying that we should save up for BTO, money is hard to earn blah blah blah…(Excuses). Sometimes I would rather stay at home then go out with him, there was once I cancelled a date on him and went to wave house with A. Compared to my BF, A is able to surprise me on every single outing.

Truth to be told, A did hinted to me that he had feelings for me but I don’t want to promise him anything yet. As of now, I haven’t cheated on my BF yet, I giving him one more year to change for the better.

The Internet responded constructively, and for brevity’s sake, here’s the conclusion: they suggest the gold digger dog digger girl to break up with Guy B, because he she deserves better.

But the Internet being such a powerful and influential creature, it manages to find its way to Guy A (that rich guy who drives a BMW, and make it an effort to inform us that the car is bought from his own money because we’re all so interested in that), who responded. And his response just showed us that this story isn’t just complicated—it’s very complicated, very much like a Korea drama.

Can’t read it? Here’s what he said.

I’m about 90% sure I’m guy A in #24511.

I did not know she was attached. I just want to get this out there. Yes, most of my assets are from money that I got from my family, but my car and the money I use for spending are from my own pocket.

I was serious about her.

I’m not anymore.

I tried to imagine how I would feel if my girlfriend was going out with this other guy while I was in army, especially if that guy had confessed (me) and we had already shared a kiss (she left this part out in the OP). I would want to rip that guy’s throat out.

I can’t believe I’ve been on this side of the line. I hope Guy B reads this. Please, leave her. I’ve already stopped replying, and I’ve felt sick to my gut for atleast 12 hours now. If a friend hadn’t shown me this as a funny story, I probably would have never found out that the girl who told me to wait for her response had a boyfriend.

I’m broken, and I feel guilty, and logically I know it isn’t my fault, but I still can’t help it

But hey, we can’t end the story here, right? After all, we want to know how he managed to earn so much while being a full-time student to get a BMW Guy B’s response, and respond he did.


I am pretty sure I am guy B in this situation.
Apart from the truth kept from me, I had also told my parents about my intention of marrying her upon graduation as well as our plans on buying our BTO together.
I am not a fan of drama and I am just a simple guy hoping to have a stable and good future for my potential partner. I don’t dine at 5 star restaurants and I shrimp and save on myself every chance I get.

On the other hand, I purchase big ticket items like her trip overseas as well as some branded items for her despite us dining at mediocre eateries. I’m disappointed with our lack of communication and despite being heart broken, I suspect it would be hard for me to break away. I need some time to heal. 

Well, here’s the thing: I’m about 90% sure and also pretty sure that this isn’t some kind of viral campaign by some creative agency to promote something. After all, it’s so surprising that Guy A and Guy B came to know about NUSWhispers!

Now, pardon me as I cry for not being able to buy a BMW (the insurance…the insurance…) while studying full-time.

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