Boy Urinated at Lift Buttons & Karma Struck Instantly As It Broke Down

Lest you’re unaware, karma’s a bitch.

And no, I’m not talking about the latest fad that’s been sweeping the globe by storm.

Rather, I’m talking about how karma almost always strikes back after you do something wrong. If I were to give a comparison, I would say that it’s similar to a wife who walked in on her husband ‘playing around’ with the neighbourhood aunty.

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But in this latest episode of Karma is a bitch (which happens to be S2 E38), we’re not looking at a mischievious hubby who got caught under the bedsheets. Instead, this time round…

We’re looking at a young boy.

Now, young boys are pretty mischievous in general (except for me; I was an angel), and this one’s no different. While in the elevator, he had thoughts of becoming a wild bear. So like how a bear would mark its territory with its own piss, this boy unzipped his pants, aimed his firehose at the floor buttons and…

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Making it a point to lavish each button with equal care, he even stepped on tiptoes just so that his golden shower could decorate the top.


Absolutely wonderful consideration from a boy of such a young age. No human being wants to feel left out, and the same applies for floor buttons.

So, after being done with his lavatory duties, the boy zips up his pants, looks up and proceeds to walk out of the door. But there was just one problem.

It wasn’t opening.


Puzzled, he tapped the open button, but recoiled as the doors started jerking even more. The floor buttons, like those in horror movies, started flashing on and off.

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As it turns out, his piss has worked his magic: the circuit was fried and the doors were experiencing a serious spasm.

The footage ends as the lights in the elevator dim and the boy was thrown into darkness.

According to, he was eventually rescued, though one would question why the lift stank of piss, especially around the floor button area. But then again they won’t have to look far for the answer, seeing how the CCTV recorded the whole majestic sequence, frame by frame.

You can watch it for yourself here:

If you watched the video to the end, you would realise that there was a separate incident in which another boy peed on the floor buttons.

奇葩小視頻 Youtube

Similar to the first case, the lift stopped working, and the boy had to be evacuated.

奇葩小視頻 Youtube

The situation in the latter seems significantly more serious, however, as the boy was seen being ferried on a stretcher towards the entrance.

奇葩小視頻 Youtube

So kids…

As wild and grizzly and fearsome as bears are, don’t try emulating them in the lift. Coz karma’s a bitch.

If you really, die die want to be a bear, be this one:

Image: Pokemon Wiki – Fandom

Coz it probably won’t piss everywhere.

Just don’t be this one.

Image: Pokemon Wiki – Fandom

Coz its piss is exclusively used for marking territories.

On another note, what do you think of the incident?

Should the boy have been reprimanded for being so naughty?

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