Woman Divorces Husband Coz Husband Bought Bra That Were Too Small For Her

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At first glance, a bra may seem like nothing more than a form of physical attire – albeit one that’s as mandatory as a pair of underwear.

It is, after all, the female version of a mankini.

But the truth is; there’s so much more to it than men would have you believe.

And if you don’t latch on fast enough, it could very well become the centerpiece of a messy conflict…

And subsequent breakup.

Woman Divorces Husband Coz Husband Bought Bra That Were Too Small For Her

According to SCMP, it all started with a bra.

Or to be exact, several issues that would have dogged any impending breakup. But for now, let’s just go with the bra for the clicks.

According to the news report, a particular Chinese couple – which was already legally married – had been planning a belated wedding event with their family and friends.

The cost had supposedly been covered for by the groom. He had also gifted her a wedding sum of 88,000 yuan (~SGD$18,011).

However, his gift to his wife – a conventional wedding gift comprising an outfit and lingerie – was deemed insufficient to continue their marriage. And the reason why?

The bra was apparently two sizes too small.

Incensed, the bride pulled the plug on the marriage, as she felt that it was a sign of disrespect.

He knew her size, she reasoned. And he still proceeded with the gift.

Did he even care about her, she wondered.

“I called him that night and said the bra was too small, and he said, ‘Do you not want to marry? If so, give my money back’,” the bride, who’s identified by her surname Luo, told online news portal The Paper.

And her family was fully supportive. According to the host of the event, the entire family sat out the celebration the following day.


Even so, however, the party was stated to have continued.

Except that there was no bride.

Not His Fault

In defence, the groom, who’s identified by his surname Yang, expressed that he was not to blame.

Rather, it was the fault of the bride’s family, as they had purportedly given him the wrong size.

“My parents had asked for the bride’s size, but they only gave us a response at midnight that the lingerie was too small. It was already late and we had nowhere to buy new lingerie,” he said.

The Bigger Picture

But in the end, it appears that the bra was merely the tip of the iceberg.


Underlying issues have, apparently, been dogging the marriage since wedding discussions first commenced.

Yang, who had reportedly known Luo for three years, stated that he had intended to rectify the issues, but failed to reach a consensus with Luo’s family.

Meanwhile, on Luo’s end, she felt betrayed by her husband’s comments that she was “not sensible” and that he was diverting all the attention to the bra.


A video pertaining to the incident has since been posted onto social media, and it swiftly went viral.

Most netizens, it seems, were supportive of the bride.


“The man can’t stop talking about the gift money, that makes the other side uncomfortable,” one Weibo user wrote.

“She only exploded over the small lingerie, but their conflicts have been accumulating over a long time. It’s her decision to divorce and I respect that,” another said.


And in the end, it seems that the couple has failed to overcome their first crisis as a married couple.

In an interview with media outlet Red Star News, Luo claimed to have returned the gift money, and is currently applying for a divorce.

And though it may appear to be a sad occasion, the bride has not let it dull her spirit.


“I’m happy with the way things worked out,” she said.

With that said, we wish the best for both parties, and hope that they will be able to meet the right one in the near future.

P.s. We hope that the groom will confirm his next bride’s bra size the next time such an occasion occurs.

Featured Image: Doreen Salcher / Shutterstock.com

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