Some Brands Appear to Have Distanced Themselves from Dee Kosh After Working with Him Previously

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Unless you’re the coronavirus that can’t perceive sound or visuals, you’re probably aware of the sexual harassment allegations levelled against DJ and YouTuber Dee Kosh.

Image: YouTube

But if you are the coronavirus and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, let me tell you all about the Dee Kosh saga, even though you’re the reason I can’t travel right now.

Over the last few days, several netizens on social media have claimed that Dee Kosh, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, had asked them for nude pictures and sexual favours in the past.

Dee Kosh initially denied the allegations, but later admitted that there was some “truth” to them.

Since then, at least six police reports have been lodged against the popular YouTuber.

Which brings us to this:

Some Brands Appear to Have Distanced Themselves from Dee Kosh After Working with Him Previously

Some companies which worked with Dee Kosh in the past have now distanced themselves from him, after the news of allegations and police reports.

According to TODAY, Huawei, PVP Esports, and Lenovo have all said that they have no existing plans to work with the Power 98 DJ.

A spokesperson for Huawei told TODAY that the company doesn’t have an ongoing relationship with Dee Kosh.

If you used to be a Dee Kosh fan, you might have seen him promoting Huawei products on his YouTube channel in the last few months.

But due to the recent allegations, it appears that Huawei has dumped Dee Kosh and that their professional relationship is over.

“As the case is currently under police investigation, we are unable to comment further on the matter,” the spokesperson added.

Another firm which distanced itself from the YouTuber is Singapore-based esports platform PVP Esports.

PVP Esports said that while it had employed Dee Kosh’s services for some esports activities in the past, they have no long-term relationship with him and “do not tolerate harassment of any sort”.

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Lenovo, the company that makes laptops with amazing keyboards but with a design that only your dad would appreciate, also said it does not have any partnership with Dee Kosh.

While the 32-year-old did promote Lenovo products on his Instagram page in June and July, it was part of an ad-hoc partnership.

“There are no existing plans (to work with Dee Kosh). The previous engagement was one-off and the partnership has ended,” the spokesperson added.

Dee Kosh is also temporarily on leave from Power 98 FM, according to Coconuts Singapore.

The radio station said in their statement that it “does not tolerate any form of harassment”.

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Where it all Started

For the unacquainted, Dee Kosh is a part-time Singaporean radio DJ at Power 98 FM and YouTuber who reacts to cringey TikTok videos, rants about issues plaguing the social media world, and engages in challenges like the whisper or laugh challenge.

Image: YouTube


Reader: You mean like every other popular YouTuber right now?


Over the weekend, an Instagram user, @_epaul, accused Dee Kosh of sexual harassment two years ago.

He claimed he was approached by Dee Kosh, who wanted him to join his YouTube channel.

But the conversation took a creepy left turn after Dee Kosh allegedly started asking him for nudes and sexual favours.


At the time, @_epaul was only 17 years old.

@_epaul also accused Dee Kosh of trying to “cover his tracks” by using secret chats and deleting his own messages.

Since then, several other users have come forward on social media with similar tales of sexual harassment.

The YouTuber was also accused of offering money to minors in exchange for sexual favours.

Dee Kosh initially denied all the allegations and even sent a letter of demand to @_epaul.


But soon after, the 32-year-old backtracked and posted an apology on his Instagram account, admitting that there was “truth” to some of the allegations.

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I'm sorry.

A post shared by Dee Kosh (@deekosh) on

An apology may not be enough, however.

According to the Penal Code, those convicted of commercial sex with minors under 18 years old could face a jail term of up to seven years, a fine, or both.


Trying to obtain commercial sex with minors under 18 years old is also punishable by law; offenders could be sentenced to jail for up to two years, fined, or both.