Man Caught for Breaching SHN After He Went to His Friend’s House & Got into a Fight

Getting a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) is serious business.

A full list of rules can be found here, but you basically are not allowed to leave your house under any circumstances unless your house is burning.

Sometimes, however, people act first without thinking and this ends up causing them a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

Even if it was an attempt to do good.

Man Breached SHN 

Today (20 May), 32-year old Foo Ching pleaded guilty to one charge of breaching his stay-home notice and has been sentenced to jail for four weeks.

He returned from Thailand in March and was to serve his SHN from 17 to 31 March.

However, there were other problems even before Foo had breached his contract with Ah Gong.

Unpaid Debts

Half suay, half reckless action.

Four months prior, Foo had lent his NRIC to Lee Quan Hui and stood as a guarantor for him, so that Lee could borrow S$1,000 from a loan shark.

You already know things aren’t looking good.

Image: Giphy

Apparently, the loan wasn’t settled and Foo was notified through a call from the loan sharks several days after coming back.

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They then gave him till 28 March, 8 pm to settle it.

This would’ve spooked pretty much anyone, so Foo called Lee and was reassured by his friend that it would be settled. Easy, right?

He wished.

Foo received a follow-up call from the friendly baby shark on d-day, once again informing him that the loan wasn’t paid.

The loan sharks even threatened to harass his family this time.

Went To Lee’s House

Not wanting to worry his mother, who had suffered a stroke, Foo quietly took a Grab to Lee’s house the next day at 4 am.

And forgot to wear his mask.

Though remember, back then, wearing a mask wasn’t compulsory yet, and we could still sit inside McDonald’s for our Filet-O-Fish.

Image: Tenor

Once he reached the house at Sengkang Central, the two met and ended up arguing.

I mean, reasonable lah. Foo helped Lee foolishly and now Lee defaulted on the loan.

The result?


Lee punching Foo in the head.


Luckily, the former’s father cut in and Foo called the police around 5 am.

However, this action quickly exposed him for breaking his SHN.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lee Ti-Ting echoed this notion and also noted that Foo had could have requested help from other friends, family or even the police.

Image: We Heart It

She even initially asked for seven weeks of jail.


Foo did mention that the money lenders had already sent someone to check his place out and that he really did not want to worry his mother.

He could have been jailed for up to six months, fined up to S$10,000, or both.

Morals of the story?

Don’t break your SHN.

Don’t be a guarantor.


Don’t get involved with any sharks, be it Baby Shark or loansharks.

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