BreadTalk S’pore Now Selling IG-Worthy Bubble Tea Bread and Cakes

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Wait. Bubble Tea. In cakes and bread?

How does that even work?


Well, believe it or not, BreadTalk Singapore somehow did it.

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BreadTalk’s Latest Creation: The Taste of Taiwan

Image: BreadTalk Singapore Facebook Page

BreadTalk recently went on a jaunt to Taiwan (maybe literally, maybe not) and decided to bring the taste of Taiwan back to Singapore.

So that you can get a taste of Taiwan without spending hundreds of dollars on an air ticket.

One thing that Taiwan is known for, besides the pretty girls, is the bubble tea craze.

BreadTalk Bubble Tea Craze…With A Twist

BreadTalk, being BreadTalk, couldn’t just offer bubble tea in their outlets. Oh no, they have to go one step further and come up with bubble tea. In cakes and bread.

And the results are pretty awe-inspiring.

Earl Grey Bubble Tea Bun (伯爵珍奶)

Imagine biting into Earl Grey tea infused dough, filled with Earl Grey tea infused cream and accompanied by chewy bubble tea pearls.

Available at: All BreadTalk outlets, $1.90

Chocolate Malt Bubble Tea Toast (巧克力珍珠土司)

Crispy toast, chewy bubble tea pearls and creamy chocolate malt cream. Like Mark Lee would say, win liao lor.

Available at: Selected BreadTalk outlets, $2.90 each / $5 for two

  • BreadTalk IHQ
  • Chinatown Point
  • CityLink Mall
  • ION Orchard
  • Novena Square
  • Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Earl Grey Bubble Tea Roll (伯爵珍奶卷)

If you love swiss rolls, this, you’ve got to try. Early Grey Tea infused cream with chewy pearls, wrapped within fluffy, light cake.

Available at: All BreadTalk outlets except Singapore Cruise Centre and United Square, $8.50 each / $15 for two

And There’s More

Remember, BreadTalk’s here to bring Taiwan back to Singaporeans. And bubble tea, no matter how much you love it, cannot be said to be all of Taiwan.

They have even more insane bread that you couldn’t imagine exist.

Taiwan’s favourite 卤肉饭 (braised meat rice) in bread form.

People say braised meat rice is like a complete meal in a bowl. In fact, it’s like the Taiwan version of a Japanese don. You have vegetables, rice and meat. Everything the Health Promotion Board said you’ll need.

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Now, you can have a complete meal in a bun. The Braised Meat Bun, to be exact.

Deliciously sweet and salty at the same time.


Available at: All BreadTalk outlets, Half portion at $3, Full portion at $5.20

The Taiwan Night Market Bun

If you’ve been to any of the night markets in Taiwan, you’d have tried their iconic Black Pepper Bun at least once.

Well, guess what? If you haven’t, BreadTalk’s now selling them in Singapore as well.

Imagine biting into crispy French dough and have well-seasoned minced pork and spring onion bursting in your mouth.


Available at: All BreadTalk outlets, $1.90 each

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Something Yammy


Here’s something out there for fans of Yam. No, not Yam Ah Mee. The real deal.

Back by popular demand, BreadTalk is (once again) selling the all-time favourite Taro-fic Yam Roll. Think soft, fluffy Swiss roll with creamy yam fillings.

Available at: All BreadTalk outlets except Singapore Cruise Centre and United Square, $8.50 each / $15 for two

So what are you waiting for? Time to go visit your nearest BreadTalk outlet liao.

You’re welcome! 😉


**All images from BreadTalk unless otherwise stated.

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