Experts Claim We Shouldn’t Brush Our Teeth Immediately After Every Meal

So, how many of you guys here actually brush your teeth after every meal?



Well, I know I don’t. After all, I don’t carry toothbrush and toothpaste with me wherever I go—I mean, who does? I wouldn’t want to accidentally sit on the tube of toothpaste, that would be a funny tragedy.

Anyway, I believe some of us are brought up to believe that we should brush our teeth after every meal in order to protect them. But what if I were to tell you that this might not be the case?


(Life has always been a lie, my friend)

That being said, ladies and gentlemen, meet the enamel:


The enamel is the hardest and most mineralized substance in the human body, covering the outer layer of your teeth.

Under ideal conditions, a tooth will stay inside the human mouth with proper pH balance. However, considering how acidic our daily diet is (think soft drinks and sugary food, you get the idea), the pH balance in our mouth will tip towards acidic( pH < 7).

This will result in a process known as “demineralization”, causing the tooth surface to soften. This will eventually allow the harmful bacteria to damage our teeth.


In other words, brushing your teeth when they’re in this state might damage them! Hence, you should avoid brushing your teeth for at least an hour after a meal!

However, it’s not like you can’t do anything to protect your teeth.

What should we do?

For starters, we can do something simple to protect our teeth. Drink some plain water or rinse your mouth with some. This will help restore the pH levels in your mouth.

Next, you could also consume non-acidic food like milk or cheese at the end of a meal.

Alright, guys. Do remember that the teeth you guys have now will probably be the only set(unless you still have your baby teeth)you’ll be getting in your entire lives!

Take good care of it and remember—do not brush immediately after a meal!

Featured image: Shutterstock (By numnim)