BTS Ticket Scalpers Sell Tickets For $12K & Are Even Proud of Their Actions

Here’s a quick question: if you’re a fan of BTS, are you willing to pay $12,888 for a ticket to a BTS concert in Singapore?

Now, before you shake your head and go, siao ah! I’d rather go YouTube, there are Singaporeans who are willing to do that.

I mean, if there aren’t, then there won’t exist individuals like these who decided to do a “sideline” of their own.

BTS To Perform in Singapore in Jan 2019

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International Korean phenomenon boy group, BTS, is filled with guys so good-looking, your self-esteem will plummet just by looking at a photo of them.

And they’re coming to Singapore.

They’ll be here to perform at the Singapore National Stadium on 19 Jan 2019 as part of their world tour: Love Yourself.

And the amount of BTS fans in Singapore is mind-boggling.

At 10.08 am on 27 Oct, they announced the opening of sales for concert tickets:

And three-plus hours later at around 1.30 pm, the tickets are all gone.


Now, before Army fans shoot me for rubbing salt in the wound, there’s a logical explanation for the super-fast sellout concert.

Scalpers: Individuals Who Purchase Tickets With The Intention To Re-sell

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Concert tickets, NDP live shows, JJ Lin’s concert in April, nothing’s spared from the scalpers of today.

They rush in to buy all the tickets they could, then resold these tickets at exorbitant prices.

It got so bad that everyone’s in a tizzy and SportsHub recently announced new measures to help curb scalping.

  • Tickets will have the name of purchasers and photo ID has to be shown for access to the venue.
  • Each SportsHub account can only buy four tickets at the maximum and you can’t make multiple transactions.

Not that it’s done anything good, seeing what BTS Army is going through right now. 

These are images of tickets purchased by scalpers for the intention of reselling at a higher price.

Image: Twitter (@minajoons)

If the stack’s not thick enough, check out the image below.

Image: Twitter (@minajoons)

But that’s not the most ridiculous part.

BTS Tickets Now Going For As High As $12,888

Okay, just to give you a bit of context.

The original prices of the tickets are going at: $348, $268, $238, $198, $148, $118 and $88, excluding booking fees.

And on StubHub, a website selling event tickets from all over the world, scalpers are having a heyday.


Okay, $300 more, understandable. But 37 times the highest original prices of the tickets?

Image: Imgflip

Unremorseful Replies

Okay, it’s completely understandable that you missing tickets to your favourite idol group because of unscrupulous individuals is going to make you mad.

Mad enough to confront them, maybe.

But according to screenshots posted online, some of the scalpers don’t think they’re in the wrong.

This particular scalper said that he doesn’t see the problem with what he’s doing. The scalpers woke up earlier to camp overnight and go through a lot to get the tickets.

So what’s wrong with charging higher for “services rendered”?

Image: Twitter (@manhimochii)

He called the BTS Army fans “spoilt brats”, and told them to work for what they want instead of simply whining about it.

Twitter (@manhimochii)

He assured the buyer that even if Singaporean fans do not buy from them, tourists flying into Singapore will buy from them.

Another seller simply told the fan to go “cry all you want”.


And that’s not including opportunists who are capitalising on the chaotic period to make a quick buck.

Image: Twitter (@newstimenow4u)

Because for the first time ever, the higher the price of your “goods”, the more legit you look.

Nobody’s going to suspect you’re a scammer because they’re too busy being mad at you for being a scalper.

But Wait, Don’t Chiong To Buy From These Sellers

There are three reasons why you should not buy from these scalpers.

One, you don’t want to encourage their existence. The more you buy, the more of them will be around.

Two, SportsHub is reportedly working with the police to track down and cancel scalpers’ tickets.

Image: Twitter (@boratae126)

You can report scalpers to either SportsHub, Live Nation or One Production and hope their tickets get cancelled.

And three, BTS might just extend it to two dates instead of one.

Image: Twitter (@minajoons)

So keep your fingers crossed, yeah?