Ed Sheeran Coming Back To S’pore To Perform In Apr 2019; Tickets To Sell This Thursday


Fans of Ed Sheeran and his sweet, velvety lovely voice, listen up!

The British singer is coming back to Singapore in Apr 2019 for another concert.

Image: yakub88 / Shutterstock.com

So if you’ve missed the chance to catch your favourite singer live the last time he was here, now’s your chance to do it liao.

Ed Sheeran To Perform In S’pore on 26 Apr 2019

Image: Lushington Entertainments Singapore Facebook Page

According to Facebook Page Lushington Entertainments Singapore, Ed Sheeran will be back in Singapore to perform on 26 Apr 2019 at the National Stadium.

Tickets to his concert are priced at $248, $158, $98 and $68.

But that’s not the most important part.

The most important detail to know is that the tickets will start selling this Thursday (25 Oct) at 10 am.

You can buy from the following avenues:

Better fast-hand-fast-leg because last year, Ed Sheeran’s tickets were sold out one hour after ticket sales started.

Some Changes To Be Expected This Year

Last year, many Ed Sheeran fans complained about unscrupulous people who are not fans of Ed Sheeran but snapped up the tickets anyway.

And when I say snapped up, I mean snapped up. As in snapped many tickets up.

Just Google any conversation between a scalper (someone who buys and resell for a profit) and a true Ed Sheeran fan.

These people took these tickets and resold it online with a huge markup in price. The tickets were resold at twice, sometimes even thrice their original prices.

Sports Hub assured Singaporeans that they’ve taken steps to prevent such a thing from happening this year.

For one, each Sports Hub Ticket account holder can only buy a maximum of four tickets. And they won’t be able to make multiple transactions under the same account.

And secondly, each ticket will have a name printed on them.


Kind of like airline tickets.

The tickets will be non-transferable and concertgoers may be required to show a photo ID before they can gain access to the concert.

But still, given the amount of true-blue Ed Sheeran fans out here in Singapore, you’re probably going to be in for a tough fight any-old-how.

So ready that finger you used for your course matriculation and keep pressing F5 at 9.58 am.

Now, for those who are unable to wait for the Ed Sheeran tickets to start selling, here’s his latest song to whet your appetite.


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And remember: you can buy from 25 October 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Make sure you’ve got a good Internet connection this Thursday and pray that there won’t be any Singtel outage #justsaying