BTS V & Blackpink Jennie Allegedly Spotted Holding Hands in Paris


In the South Korean entertainment industry, celebrities’ love life, especially idols, is still frowned upon by the public, particularly with hardcore “possessive” fans.

However, in recent years, fans have been accepting the idea that their favourite Korean celebrity is, at the end of the day, only human – and they want to experience romantic love too.

Realistically, no, there’s no chance it’ll be you.

And this week, two powerhouse celebrities, each hailing from their respective competitor companies, are declaring their love in front of the public eye.

BTS And BlackPink Crossover

BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known by his stage name “V”, was seen holding hands with BlackPink member Jennie on the streets of Paris.

Now that’s peak romance. 

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday (17 May), the lovebirds were caught walking hand in hand while enjoying a stroll leisurely down by the river, their faces partially hidden by their hats.

@taoualitamar #kimtaehyung and #jennie in #paris #blackpink #bts #taehyung #V #kpop ♬ Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Image: TikTok (@taoualitamar)

The pair were not alone in their stroll; it appears that one of Jennie’s management members, “@hhuit” on Instagram, was wearing the extra same outfit as in the video.

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Past Rumors

The news itself actually isn’t all that surprising; after all, the pair was already rumoured to be dating since last year.

In May last year, the couple was spotted seated in the front row of a car at Jeju Island, South Korea.

Despite both wearing sunglasses, it didn’t stop the public from recognising the internationally famous duo.

In addition, thanks to social media, more fans jumped on board and confirmed that the possible identity of the couple was V and Jennie.

Yet, the rumours were not concrete enough to confirm the status between the two; some netizens suspect that it’s possible for the photos to be edited.

To be fair, have you seen how good AI is at replicating pictures? Not a far-fetch reasoning, I would say.

Way before the “date” at Jeju Island, when V first created his personal Instagram account, netizens noticed that he followed Jennie on the social media platform.


Even though he had unfollowed her immediately after, the whole “accident” angered many hardcore V’s fans, with many leaving mean comments under Jennie’s Instagram posts, telling her to “Leave V alone”.

With this kind of fans, no wonder K-pop celebrities don’t want to go in public with their relationships.