Rumours of V from BTS & Jennie from Blackpink Dating Surfaced After They Were Spotted Together

If you’re a K-Pop fan, you know how dating rumours between K-Pop idols are can get out of hand within moments.

And it seems like we’ve got a new ship that just took the K-Pop world by storm.

If you’re wondering who it involves, here are the two names: Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS, both part of the hottest K-Pop groups that the industry has ever seen.

If you’re already itching to find out more, here are all the details.

Seen Travelling Together

Recently, a photo of a man and woman seated in the front row of a car caught the attention of many netizens.

Both of them were wearing sunglasses and the photo was taken at Jeju Island in South Korea.

The catch? The man looked like V, a member of hot boy group BTS, while the lady looked like Jennie, a member of the K-Pop girl group Blackpink.

Due to the wonderful (or in the idols’ case, maybe less wonderful) nature of social media, the photo soon made its way across various social media sites, which is no surprise given the number of fans that Jennie and V, both 26, have.

According to The Straits Times, the photo was first posted on the dailyfashion_news Instagram account in the form of an Instagram story. @dailyfashion_news is a Korean-based blog which posts about popular fashion culture and trends.

However, even though Instagram stories disappear from one’s profile after 24 hours, many netizens had gotten hold of screenshots of the photo by then and proceeded to repost them on other platforms.

Previous Rumours

And this isn’t the first time the two K-Pop idols have had dating rumours floating around.

Last December when V first created his personal Instagram account, netizens found that V followed Jennie on the social media platform.

He then unfollowed her quickly.

This led to many of V’s fans leaving a large number of angry comments on Jennie’s Instagram posts, including comments telling her to “Leave V alone”.

Speculation from Fans

Despite the photos indicating that Jennie and V could be together, other fans pointed out other possibilities.

There were users who speculated that the photo was edited, and that the original photo consisted of V and J-Hope, another member of BTS.

On the other hand, others urged for fans to “face reality” and insisted that the photos were real and not photoshopped.

As one Twitter user put it, “People who said ‘it’s edited’ are FOOLING themselves. These (pictures) couldn’t look more real. You’re in denial. Stop saying (the picture) is fake and be supportive instead. It’s 2022, who cares if idols date.”

And if you’re wondering why have been such an uproar regarding dating rumours in the K-Pop world, it’s because some K-Pop agencies and the industry as a whole usually have strict no-dating rules for idols.

Even for experienced idols who have been “allowed” to date, many fans and members of the public still disapprove of them dating others.

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There were also netizens who thought that the photo was posted to distract K-Pop fans from another recent incident regarding a member of Le Sserafim, a girl group that just debuted under the same company as BTS.

Le Sserafim member Kim Garam, 16, is currently facing a bullying scandal which took the entire K-Pop community by storm due to the large extent to which she allegedly bullied others while schooling.

Company’s Statement

Based on reports by Korean entertainment news outlet Soompi, YG Entertainment, Jennie’s company, did not comment much on the situation.

“We have nothing to say. We will inform you if we have a different response to share,” the company declared.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@dailyfashion_news)