Bubble Tea Lotion Exists & It’ll Keep You Smelling Sweet The Entire Day

I’m starting to get worried now.

When KFC came out with a Boba Tart, we were like hmm, that sounds like a tasty innovation. I’ll have some, please!

But then someone in the Philippines put it on their fries and we were like uh, okay… that’s a little weird.

Image: Facebook (The Pearl Fajardo)

But now. Now we’ve gone too far.

Thai Cosmetic Brand Releases Milk Tea Body Lotion

Gone are the days where people simply drank bubble tea. Now, they apply it on their skin, too.

Thai cosmetic brand Mistine revealed in a recent Facebook post that they’re selling a Milk Tea Body Lotion.

Image: Facebook (Mistine)

Apparently, the lotion has a milk tea scent that will probably leave you smelling “fragrant” and “sweet”.

Ingredients list include black tea and milk protein, which helps moisturise your skin and give it a soft and supple feel, according to Mothership.

The lotion also has Vitamins B3 and E, which is believed to revitalise your skin.

Reader: But are there pearls in it though?

Though there are pearls on the packaging, we doubt that there’d be any in the lotion itself. Who’d want to rub some tapioca pearls all over themselves anyway?

Reader: Oh I do baby

OK, I forgot who I was talking to.

But the question remains, why create a bubble-tea lotion at all?

Well, it might help if you’re struggling to attract mates. If you happen to be in Singapore, where people can sniff out a bubble tea 100 kilometres away, you’ll have dates all over you like dung beetles on poop if you use this lotion.

Image: Lazada Thailand

The boba lotion is available on Lazada Thailand at 99 baht (S$4.44) for a 200ml bottle, but, it doesn’t seem to have international shipping.