#FastFoodFriday: KFC Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tarts: The Pearls Are Just Jellies Shaped Like Boba


Sup, people.

It’s Friday… and you know what that means!

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Crowd chanting in the background: Fast, Food, Friday! Fast, Food, Friday! Fast, Food, Friday!

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That’s right y’all, and naturally, we listen to the crowd and go for the hot items of the week.

Crowd chanting in the background: KFC! KFC! KFC!

Put your hands up in the air for Boba Tea Tarts!!

Image: KFC Singapore

*Crowd goes wild*

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Alright enough playing around. Here’s what it looks like:

When you open the box, the smell of brown sugar just bursts out of the box.

It sounds like a good thing, and it kind of is, but there is one thing missing from the smell: the sweet buttery smell of actual egg tarts.

Reminds me of birds for some reason. Maybe this looks like eggs in a nest?

And although this had us semi-excited, I have to say that the appearance looks a bit…dubious?

For one, the pearls are not round like those in Boba, and are oval-shaped. We already knew this wasn’t tapioca, but jelly boba. Still, I can’t say I’m not disappointed by how it looks.

Slicing open the egg tart shows that the interior looks a little more brownish compared to the normal egg tart:

Some of the Boba are also embedded into the egg custard itself.


But how revolutionary is this? Is this good enough for people to shove up their nostrils, do sexy things, or dress up for Halloween?

Only one way to find out.

Taste Test

I first took just one of the boba pearls. There’s a clear brown sugar molassy syrup coating to it, but the boba on its own just isn’t great.

I know it’s supposed to be jelly, but it just isn’t chewy enough that I’ll associate this with Boba Tea.


What about the entire egg tart?

It’s not great. The texture is offputting because you’re biting into a custardy egg tart, and then there’s the weird jelly popping out of nowhere.

Image: Giphy

Although brown sugar + egg tart sounds like a winning combination, it’s not true when it comes to this egg tart.

The brown sugar syrup had dripped its way into the custard, which sounds like a good thing… but! Now that the custard is soaked in syrup, you can barely taste the custard.

You can try to search for the custard, and focus your taste senses on that, but then you’ll realise that they mixed and don’t really go well together.

It’s like that attractive Instagram couple who look lovey-dovey for the gram, but in real life their relationship isn’t great. Looks and sounds good on paper, not so much underneath.


I think if brown sugar were to work in egg tarts, then the custard’s sugar should be replaced with brown sugar.

Instead, what we have is an unnecessary addition by sprinkling additional sugar on top.

The other idiots at Goody Feed tried it and gave this face:

Image: Screenshot from the anime Kimetsu No Yaiba

I don’t think it’s completely bad. But there are probably two camps of people here:

  1. Thinks it’s disgusting
  2. Thinks it’s okayish

It’s like the worst version of raisins in cookies. But at least some people do genuinely think raisins are awesome.


Considering that each tart is S$1.80 (or S$1.50 if you buy 6)… why not just buy a normal egg tart?

Rating: 2/5