People Have to Take the Stairs as The Only Lift in a Bukit Batok HDB Flat is Being Upgraded


Imagine this: 

You end a long day of work, and you head back home. You trudge tirelessly to the lift lobby, where you find yourself spam-pressing the button. You can’t wait to get back up to your unit and enjoy the comforts of your home. 

All is well, except that the lift is broken. 

That’s the reality for some. 

Only Lift in Bukit Batok Flat Under Renovation, Residents Troubled

Need a lift?

In block 335 in Bukit Batok Street 32, the only lift serving it is undergoing the Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP). It will be under renovation from 14 to 28 November. 

Needless to say, residents were unhappy. Many complained that it was difficult for elderly and young children to climb up and down. 


Mr. Su (name transliterated from Mandarin) shared his experience dealing with the renovations with a Shin Min Daily News Reporter. The resident said that the elevator renovation itself was completely fine, but the duration of it, 12 days, was way too long. After all, there is only one elevator in the four-story flat. 

Su shared (translated from Mandarin): “My wife goes to work during the day, and I have to take my 2-year-old child out to buy three meals a day. I have to carry the child up and down the stairs first and then go back to carry the stroller. I have to climb the stairs twice each time. Now I just order takeout,

“The staff said that if you have any difficulties, you can contact them, and they will arrange for someone to help, such as lifting things, but I don’t want to trouble others, and this would not solve the fundamental problem.”

Su has also revealed that there are elderly people, people with disabilities, and deliverymen who utilise the lift, and without it, their lives become very difficult.

He has since raised the issue to the relevant departments, hoping to expedite the project and minimise the impact. 

Other residents in neighbouring blocks are also facing the same issue.

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Town Council’s Response

The Choa Chu Kang Town Council has reasoned that the renovation is imperative for the lifts to run smoothly. Also, the construction duration has already been decreased from the original one. 

“During the planning stage, we worked with the lift contractor to reduce lift upgrade duration from three weeks to 11 working days,” the town council said. “We seek residents’ understanding and patience, safety continues to be our topmost priority.”

Hopefully, the works can be completed soon and everything can return to normalcy.

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