Bungalow in S’pore, The Size of 100 Basketball Courts, Looks Like Paragon & Cost Just $63 Million

I remember the first time I visited a friend’s private apartment and it stunned me as a kid.

A little pond, three stories high and enough space to fit three families in.

Ten-year-old me thought that would be one of the largest houses I saw in a lifetime.

And then my boss had me look up the topic for today and…


Relic Hunter’s Bungalow

The craziest part? This exists right here in Singapore.

On 7 June, Real Estate Agent Jervis Ng posted on his Youtube channel about a bungalow.

Bungalows are big so you naturally brace yourself to expect something of the sort.

Still, don’t tell me any of you expected a 100 basketball court-large bungalow.

This isn’t a lie, and we’ll show you the video below.

Oh, and if you thought your new Toyota or three-room flat was expensive? this ain’t stacks up to $63 million on its price tag.

In fact, the place was so massive that Ng stated it took his team over 12 hours to complete the video.

In the video description, he also states that the huge good class bungalow is modelled after Chang’An, the ancient capital of the Tang Dynasty.

The owner took a total of 4 years to built this castle with 100 of trailers to move every relic into the house.

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It was also designed by Arch Studi Architecture which are the same guys behind the [email protected]

Image: Sky Scraper Center

If your head isn’t already spinning, we’re about to find out why this massive place has a just as massive price point.

The Exterior

Ready to get your minds blown?

The video starts by showing a large and garden-like space. It is then described as a place where barbeques could be hosted or where kids could run about.

It also contains an antique lamp post that once stood on North Bridge Road.

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Image: Youtube (Jervis Ng)

Right in front of these, however, is also a 20-metre long pool with the first of many foreign relics: two lion statues from the halls of the Tang Dynasty.

Ng also describes the lions as being some of the largest lion statues in Asia.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

Pretty sure this part alone would make the average man go bankrupt.

Even the stainless steel and perforated panels that layer the house come from that same age have relics consistently installed around the exterior.

Beginning of The Interior

Before we go on, let me just tell you how much the interior alone cost.

Not that much actually, just a mere $12 million. Just enough to last you several lifetimes, easy.

The sitting area alone can have up to 30 people including a grand piano at the side.

Image: Youtube (Jervis Ng)

Not to mention that nice view in the background too.

Meanwhile, all the writer sees is the next HDB block.

In the corner, a bunch of movable walls hide a TV set and a transition into the kitchen area which looks honestly more like a high-class inn

Image: Youtube (Jervis Ng)

It can seat up to eight diners at once and even comes with an in-built Lazy Susan for your large tze char parties.

The kitchen at the end of the hall also contains two fridges, a built-in microwave, steamer, oven and even a coffee dispenser.


And to top it all off, they have my biggest in-house dream: a tea room!

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

The place also has a private lift that brings you up and down the house.

Speaking of down…

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Bombastic Basement

You’re probably thinking, “Yes, yes, it’s going to be huge again, right? What’s new?”

Well, have you ever seen someone have a freaking personal museum though?

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

According to Ng’s team, one of the art pieces down here is so rare, there are only four such models in the world.

And this house has TWO of them.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

The museum also has a transition area where it leads guests into a winery, with the cellar alone being able to hold around 2000 wine bottles.


It’s not even just an area of marvel since there’s even space for you to pop one for any high-flyer parties there.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

On the extreme right are tiled high with ancient Pu’er tea bricks. Each of the roughly 100 bricks costs a whopping $10000.

This tops off with a carpark large enough to hold 12 cars and even a private car lift!

At this point, the writer’s head is literally hurting from the mere thought of everything.

Meeting Rooms

If you’re going to be a baller, you might as well ball while you’re working.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

The area with a ‘directors table’ is probably where mafia those of importance come in to discuss business meetings.

And remember that fancy, limited edition art piece?

The second one is just in the next room, along with another room where people can unwind with pool tables or foosball.

Oh, by the way, that’s just level one.

Three-Part Bed Room

I’m not sure how to describe reverse claustrophobia, but this area definitely encapsulates that.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

No, that’s not the main bedroom. This is just the resting area.

What you can’t see are secret walls where you can even store valuables. Got to keep those thieves away somehow.

The second part though is a work-from-home dream.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

This is the owner’s work area, fully decorated with a gallery-type design to the left. There’s even a small bed to the side if they ever need a rest.

Kind of like our rooms, only not big, rich or a mini gallery.


And to work fancy, you got to look fancy right?

Which is why the last room has a not one, but TWO-storey walk-in wardrobe.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

Just beside it, you can also catch a glimpse of the master bathroom which, by the way, has a personalised jacuzzi.

And the literal icing on the cake for this place?


Take a look at this.

Image: YouTube (Jervis Ng)

Now, imagine 40 people up there because that’s actually how much people it can hold.

Makes for a great time sunbathing, too!

With a house like this, why would anyone want to leave for anywhere during this coronavirus season?

I don’t even think you can get bored of your own home!

But I also don’t think most of us can amass tens of millions of dollars.



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