Burger King New Mentaiko Burger Review: A Repeat of McD’s Sour Egg Yolk Fries

On a bright sunny day on 8 Jan, our resident skinny-fat videographer, JT, showed me an awe-inspiring ad from Burger King.

Mentaiko is coming back.

Image: memegenerator.net

And it’s not just any Mentaiko. It’s Mentaiko with Salmon imported directly from Hokkaido.

There are two different mentaiko burgers up for grabs.

And the way BK described them is drool-worthy.

The Salmon Mentaiko burger is consists of a tender salmon fillet made with salmon brought in all the way from Hokkaido.

Topped with savoury Mentaiko sauce, American cheese, crunchy sliced onion, juicy tomato and fresh lettuce, you know you’re in for the ride of your life with every bite.

Fish not your cup of tea? It’s okay. They’ve got the chicken option for you too.

Imagine crispy chicken fillet, multiply by two, and covered in savoury Mentaiko sauce, crunchy onion, fresh lettuce and juicy tomato.

After reading something like this, would you blame us for stealing our boss’s credit card while he’s busy staring into thin air, pretending to work?

So we did.


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And here’s how we found it.


Our first look at the mentaiko burger isn’t promising.

Somehow, the entire burger doesn’t smell like mentaiko, and the sauce looks more like thousand island sauce.

But, like bufflord95 always said about his chicken breasts, it’s not the looks that matter. It’s the taste.


Let’s just say that if you’re looking for a burger that’s filled with that authentic mentaiko taste, this isn’t the burger for you.

BK promised that their mentaiko sauce will be “Sweet, umami with a slight kick of spice.”

The closest reference we could find for the sauce is that it’s like the dipping sauce for ngoh hiang at the coffee shop’s zichar stall.

In fact, mentaiko might be their sauce’s third cousin, twice removed. In other words, as far as you can get in the family tree.



If you can make yourself forget that this is meant to be mentaiko, it’s actually not that bad of a burger. Taste-wise.

On the flip side, it’s pretty filling. The salmon patty’s pretty thick while you get double chicken patties.

Rating: 2.5/5 (Because I just can’t forget it’s supposed to be mentaiko.)

The Four-tune Box


Now, this. Is. Special.

Besides their mentaiko burgers, they’ve also launched a super-red box to bring usher CNY in this year.

Called the four-tune box, it has cheese thots (basically hash brown with cheese inside), fries, nuggets and onion rings, all contained within this beautiful box.

A great platter to share with friends and one that doesn’t disappoint as bad as their mentaiko burgers.

Rating: 3.5/5


The Unexpected Winner Of The Day

But here’s the unexpected item that won the day for BK. Or, at least, make them better than McDonald’s and their attempt at salted egg fries.

The BK curry sauce.

Now, we weren’t expecting this baby to be in our bag of goodies.

In fact, we didn’t even know BK had a curry sauce.

But we steeled our mouths (and our stomachs), opened it up and dipped a fry in it.

And oh boy, wow.


I’d admit that, at first, we’re wondering: how bad will it be? Or will it be better than the McDonald’s curry sauce?

Let me tell you, it’s no McDonald’s curry sauce, but it’s just as good.

It’s like the curry that Monster Curry uses in their dishes, and your first world is going to be Japan the first time you taste it.

And it goes amazingly well with everything in the four-tune box except the cheese thots.

Don’t dip your cheese thots in it. You’ll cry like my office cat whenever the boss pets her.

The Final Verdict

Try it. At least once.

As long as you’re not fixated on the idea of mentaiko, you’ll probably like the burger. Probably.

But the four-tune box? That’s worth a shot if you’re chilling and Netflixing at home. And don’t forget to get their curry sauce too.

Overall rating: 3/5

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