Burger King Now Selling Truffle Mayo Burgers Besides Truffle Mayo Fries & Malty Float ‘Gao’

Burger King is on a roll nowadays.

This underdog in the fast food industry suddenly shifted gear and introduced different noteworthy items to Singaporeans.

Previously, On BK TV…

Yes. Truffle mayo fries. A twist on their usual coke floats. And a sundae that sounds like it belongs to our European counterparts.

And if that’s not awesome enough, it’s affordable too.

These items now residents of the Burger King Star Buys menu, which, if you didn’t know, is known not only to be full of interesting items, but cheap too.

And Now, On BK TV

Introducing the almost all-new, burgerlicious Truffle Mayo Burger.

Image: Burger King Singapore

Available for a limited time only, they have two versions of the Truffle Mayo burgers.

The Truffle Mayo Angus Beef Burger 

Image: Burger King Singapore

Imagine thick flame-grilled and juicy Angus Beef patty, accompanied by scrumptious caramelised onions, delicious mushrooms and an inviting slice of Swiss cheese.

And slathered with truffle mayo sauce made from white truffle-flavoured olive oil, and black truffle pâté.

Image: Tenor

Now, if you’re not able to eat beef due to religious reasons or simply personal preference, don’t worry.

There’s a chicken version too.

And the Truffle Mayo Tendergrill® Chicken Burger

Image: Burger King Singapore

What’s the tenderest meat on a chicken? The thigh meat, of course.

And that’s what you’re going to get with the Truffle Mayo Tendergrill® Chicken Burger.

BK’s Tendergrill® Chicken patty is wholly made up of thigh meat and elevated to the next level with the Truffle Mayo sauce.

Now, if that doesn’t sound drool-worthy, what does?

How Much Will It Cost?

Now, the most important question: what’s the damage (to your wallet)?

The Truffle Mayo Angus Beef Burger and the Truffle Mayo Tendergrill® Chicken Burger are available as:

  • Ala carte – SGD$9.30
  • Value meal (Small Coca-Cola No Sugar & Medium Fries*) – SGD$10.80
  • Upsized meal (Medium Coca-Cola No Sugar & Large Fries*) – SGD$11.40

*Diners may choose to upgrade their fries to the irresistible Truffle Mayo Fries with just SGD1.00 when they order the value meal or the upsized meal.

Should You Get It?

Now, if you’re not used to Goody Feed style by now, we won’t leave you hanging with just the fact that BK’s now selling new items.

We’ll check to see if the new items are worth your calories: either by trying it ourselves or checking the wild web for you.

According to a trustworthy food site in Singapore, the truffle mayo sauce might be worth a shot.


“I must say, the truffle scent and flavour was pretty distinct which made it really enjoyable. It made for a tasty snack and I will definitely be back to try their truffle mayo burgers too.”

So what are you waiting for?

These burgers are available at all Burger King outlets and BK delivery since yesterday (9 April 2019). Don’t say we bojio hor!

And if you want to know how it tastes like, you know when to come back to our app, because #FastFoodFriday

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