Burger King S’pore Bringing in ‘Chicken Rice Burger’ from 17 July 2018

From our taste test last year

National Day is a pretty auspicious occasion, seeing how it celebrates the nation’s birthday and all. And don’t get me wrong; I do love my nation.

However, I look forward to National Day, not so much because of the Parade, but more so because the fast-food restaurants will be outright trying to outwit each other in this period of time (and of course the public holiday lah).

I mean; just look at it. KFC has released the awesome Goldspice chicken that just arouses your taste buds with its salted egg aroma (according to my colleague, it’s an aftertaste, but who cares)…

Image: KFC

McDonald’s just released the Ha Ha Cheong Gai burger, an item that burrows its way deep into the hearts of prawn paste lovers everywhere.

Image: McDonald’s

And it seems that the King isn’t content with being left out of the spotlight, seeing how Burger King has announced its comeback with none other than…

The return of the legendary Double Rendang Beef burger and the flavourful Hainanese Chicken Tendergrill burger.

The Golden Duo

But if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a brief introduction.

Double Rendang Beef burger 

Looks appetising? Because it sure is.

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Savour double flame-grilled beef patties topped with signature rendang sauce, alongside fresh, “crunchy” onions served on toasted sesame seed buns. This delicious recipe also offers the choice of another of Burger King®’s signatures, the Tendergrill™ chicken thigh patty. The aromatic rendang sauce is known to make diners crave for more of the delight.

You see, this actually isn’t new. They have this last year and we’ve already given it a try back then.

Our picture from last year ‘coz this year, we’ve all hit our calories intake for today. So far.

On the other hand

We have the ultimate fusion fare known as the Hainanese Chicken Tendergrill.

Paying tribute to the Hainanese chicken rice as one of the true blue tastes of Singapore, BURGER KING® brings back the Hainanese Tendergrill™ Chicken burger. It holds a perfectly flame-grilled chicken thigh patty, generously layered in savoury ginger sauce and garlic chilli for a flavourful kick, and topped with fresh and crispy lettuce, all tucked in between toasted sesame seed buns.

Also picture from last year, when we were all thinner, fitter and hungrier


You can boast the best concept, best aesthetics and perhaps even the best marketing.

But let’s face it; if the taste is shit you’re not going anywhere.

As such, you’ll be glad to know that the burgers (unlike Burger King’s newest Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger) are actually legit. Or at least the last time we had it anyway.

Without further ado, here are excerpts from our previous food review of the two burgers.

Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken

“Granted, the burger doesn’t exactly look aesthetically pleasing – at least not like what’s shown in the picture. But fans of Burger King should always know that we can never judge their burgers by their buns.

“One bite into the burger, and we were greeted with a mouthful of tender chicken thigh and a ton of ginger sauce – which we felt was a bit of an overkill. Still, we got to admit that the ginger sauce was what made the burger taste a lot like the chicken used in Hainanese Chicken Rice.”

Incidentally, the old team at Goody Feed was insistent on traditions.

And so this happened.

Right moving on HAHA

Rendang Chicken/Beef Burger

“The Tendergrill Rendang Chicken Burger looked a whole lot better than the Hainanese Chicken Burger. Taste-wise, we dare say that the burst of flavours that came with each bite of the Rendang burger surpassed that of the Hainanese Chicken Burger as well.”

“The Rendang sauce used in the burger might not be a true representation of the original Rendang sauce we find at most Malay stalls because it is not thick nor spicy, but we gotta admit that the flavour profile is still equally strong – if not better. And, well, we also gotta give props to the fresh onions in the burger that added the crunch to the burger, giving it an elevated texture.

“Our verdict? The Tendergrill Rendang Burger is definitely a must-order from their latest menu!”

So there you have it folks, the burgers certainly do seem noteworthy.

(I like writing this kind of article. Just find our old colleagues’ review and paste them in wholesale without having to take the calories)

Now, remember: These reviews were done almost a year ago. Whether it’s going to be different is a different story altogether.

Value meals

The Double Rendang Beef burger value meal and Hainanese Tendergrill™ Chicken burger value meal start from S$7.95, and include a medium pack of thick-cut salted French fries and a small Coca Cola® Zero. They will be available for a limited time from 17 July 2018 onwards.

We’ll be checking if our boss leaves his credit card on his table next week; if he does, we’ll order it and do a whole new review with new tastebuds.

Incidentally, the BURGER KING® combo meal for two is available at S$17.90, comprising the following:

  • Two burgers (select between the Double Rendang Beef burger, the Rendang Chicken Tendergrill™, or the Hainanese Chicken Tendergrill™
  • One pack of fries (large)
  • Four pieces of Mexican Drumlets
  • Two cups of Coca Cola® Zero (small)

The King

Burger King might be the king, but it’s not the G.O.A.T. Not yet anyway.

As such, McDonald’s and KFC will surely be eager to take this chance to re-establish their positions as top dogs of the fast food restaurant.

But hey, do you guys wanna know how you can regain top spot with just a finger click?


Just re-introduce the Sausage McGriddles, Double Quarter Pounders and the Roasta Chicken Burgers. Because I assure you…

The customers will come flocking in no time.

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