We Tried The Latest Hainanese Chicken & Rendang Burger From Burger King! Here’s What We Think.

For all you guys who love our local food a little too much, you’re going to love the latest creations from Burger King – the Hainanese Tendergrill and the Rendang Burger.

So today, we decided to head out to buy these new items from Burger King back for lunch, and here’s our take on these two burgers and whether they’re worth trying!

Image: burgerking.com.sg

1. Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken

Image: burgerking.com.sg

In the recent years, Burger King has certainly upped their game when it comes to inventing new burger creations and coming out with more non-beef options. The Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken features perfectly grilled chicken thigh patty generously layered in ginger sauce for a flavourful kick, as well as fresh greens sandwiched between two sesame seed buns.

Granted, the burger doesn’t exactly look aesthetically pleasing – at least not like what’s shown in the picture. But fans of Burger King should always know that we can never judge their burgers by their buns. 

One bite into the burger, and we were greeted with a mouthful of tender chicken thigh and a ton of ginger sauce – which we felt was a bit of an overkill. Still, we got to admit that the ginger sauce was what made the burger taste a lot like the chicken used in Hainanese Chicken Rice

Because we felt that something was missing, we decided to grab a packet of chilli from a chicken rice store nearby and drizzled it on. Viola! There you have it, a true blue ‘chicken rice’ burger from Singapore.

2. Rendang Beef/Chicken Burger

Image: burgerking.com.sg
Image: burgerking.com.sg

At first look, we were sold. Regardless if it was the chicken or beef Rendang burger, both the Tendergrill Chicken patty and the double flame-grilled Beef patties looked pretty amazing. The various patties are bathed in aromatic Rendang sauce, topped with fresh onions and served on toasted sesame seed buns.

The Tendergrill Rendang Chicken Burger looked a whole lot better than the Hainanese Chicken Burger. Taste wise, we dare say that the burst of flavours that came with each bite of the Rendang burger surpassed that of the Hainanese Chicken Burger as well. 

The Rendang sauce used in the burger might not be a true representation of the original Rendang sauce we find at most Malay stalls because it is not thick nor spicy, but we gotta admit that the flavour profile is still equally strong – if not better. And, well, we also gotta give props to the fresh onions in the burger that added the crunch to the burger, giving it an elevated texture. 

Our verdict? The Tendergrill Rendang Burger is definitely a must-order from their latest menu!

3. Green Bean Turnover

Well, surprise, surprise. 

Since this new item wasn’t publicize on both the Burger King website nor their Facebook page, one of our colleagues actually chanced upon this while he was dining at Burger King the other day. 

His exact words were “it’s even better than the Banana Pie.”

And well, it really was – no offence to hardcore McDonald’s fans, by the way!

The Green Bean turnover comes with filling that resembles sort of a ‘green bean paste’ and it reminded us fondly of the filling inside the traditional Ang Ku Kueh. The smooth and creamy consistency of the green bean filling certainly helped to elevate the textures of the turnover. Plus, you won’t have to constantly worry about getting sauce on your clothes! 

Our verdict? YES, this is definitely better than the Banana Pie and will be very worth your calories. 

For those who are keen on checking out these new selection of burgers or turnover, they are now available at ALL Burger King outlets island-wide! 

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