SBS Transit Responds After Video of Bus Captain Showing Middle Finger Went Viral

On Wednesday (17 Aug), a video from a car’s dash cam perspective showed a bus driver allegedly driving in a dangerous manner and failing to give way to two pedestrians at a zebra crossing.

The video, uploaded to SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook and YouTube pages, later cut to the bus driver swearing at the car driver and flipping him off.

Yesterday (18 Aug), SBS Transit’s vice president Mrs Grace Wu refuted the allegations, stating that the footage “does not fully reflect what transpired”.

The Original Video and Description

In the video, the SBS Transit bus can be seen turning a corner where construction was ongoing, before it stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing.

Two pedestrians can be spotted crossing at the left-hand corner of the video. The bus proceeds to move forward, thus revealing another elderly pedestrian and man who are at the traffic junction.

Seconds later, the video cuts to the bus driver gesturing rudely and shouting at the camera man.

The video description writes, “Bus service 161 failed to give way to pedestrian at zebra crossing [sic] when confronted by camcar driver [sic] flip bird & offered to catch up later at Hougang bus depot.”

As of writing this article, the Facebook video has been viewed more than 39,000 times.

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The Full Story

According to Mrs Wu, SBS Transit has conducted an investigation into the incident, adding that the bus captain did not drive in “an unsafe manner” as the private car driver had claimed.

She pointed out that the bus captain did stop at the pedestrian crossing to give way to a pedestrian and decided to go ahead first because the two other pedestrians were still a distance away.

Image: (SG Road Vigilante)

Then she brought out the close-circuit television camera footage, stating that the car driver was on the right of the bus when both vehicles stopped at a traffic light.

Afterwards, the private car driver moved in front of the bus. For reasons that were unclear to the investigating team, the private car driver abruptly applied their brakes numerous times, even though the traffic conditions were perfectly fine.

Mrs Wu added that the car driver began to hurl abusive language against the bus captain, which led to the captured exchange between the two parties.

However, the vice-president acknowledges that the bus driver should have maintained his composure “even under provocative circumstances”.

The company said that it will counsel and train the bus captain to ensure that he will perform better.

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Featured Image: YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)