2 Passengers Taken to the Hospital After SBS Bus Collided with Cement Mixer

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On Friday (4 Jun), an SBS Transit bus was hit by a cement mixer at the junction of Mattar Road and Aljunied Road.

The bus had been making a right turn at the junction, when seemingly out of nowhere, a cement mixer slammed into its side.

The impact sent the bus hurtling to the side, flying over the road divider and ramming into a van in the next lane.

Three people—the bus driver and two passengers—were sent to the hospital.

Here are the details.

What Happened

In a short clip uploaded on Facebook by SG Road Vigilante depicting the accident, it had seemed like an ordinary day.

In the video, the SBS Transit bus can be seen making a slow right turn at the road junction.

All was quiet until suddenly, a green G&W cement mixer crashed into the bus on its left side, no doubt to the shock of the other drivers and passengers.

The left side of the bus’ windscreen was immediately shattered, along with some parts of the cement mixer’s rear.

The bus was forcibly flung to the adjacent lane, bouncing over the road divider and colliding head-first with a stationary silver van.

The bus then, after pushing the van off-kilter, slowed to a stop as it swerved to the right.

A man wearing a high-visibility vest—presumably the bus driver—can be seen on the floor of the bus near the front doors.

In SG Road Vigilante’s video, it appears that the bus also smashed into a fence surrounding a nearby construction site.

3 People Sent to the Hospital

The police stated that they were alerted to the accident at around 2:15pm on Friday (4 Jun).

Three people—the 54-year-old bus driver and two bus passengers, aged 45 and 64—were sent to Raffles Hospital. All were conscious when brought to the hospital.


Police investigations are ongoing.

According to SBS Transit’s senior vice president of corporate communications Tammy Tan, the bus had been making a right turn with the green light in its favour. It had then been hit on its left by the cement mixer.

“The impact caused the bus to swerve to its right, mount the divider kerb and hit a stationary van before coming to a stop,” she said.

She also mentioned that the 54-year-old bus captain had been kept under observation overnight at Raffles Hospital. He was promptly discharged the next day on Saturday (5 Jun).

He has also been given a week of medical leave.

SBS Transit is “rendering support” to the bus driver, and is “still trying to get in touch” with the other two victims.

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The company is assisting the police in investigations.

Featured Image: Youtube (SG Road Vigilante)

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