Man Allegedly Hurls Vulgarities & Points Middle Finger After Being Told To Wear Mask on Bus

Apart from those with health conditions that wearing a mask can further complicate, I have a hard time deciphering people’s aversion to the measure.

Which part of “we’re trying to save your life” do they not understand?

On Wednesday (Sep 9), a good Samaritan tried to remind a bus rider to wear his mask, only to be met with rude gestures and vulgarities.

Stubborn Man Allegedly Refused to Wear Mask

At about 9.40pm on Wednesday, a man allegedly boarded a 972M bus without wearing a mask.

The man caught the attention of a fellow passenger by the name of Hardeep, who reminded him to wear a mask.

Hardeep attempted thrice and failed to talk some sense into the man, who remained stubborn and mask-less.

In fact, he started hurling vulgarities and caused a scene on the vehicle.

Eventually, the man alighted at a bus stop along Fajar Road, opposite Fajar Shopping Centre, but not before getting the last word in the debacle: “I’m not wearing a f***ing mask again, second time, okay?”

As if to further emphasize his point, the man shot a finger at Hardeep off the bus.

Video Exposed His Behaviour

Perhaps that was the last straw – Hardeep publicized a 9-second video, exposing the man and his ill-mannered behaviours.

He told Stomp, a platform for citizen journalism where he submitted the video:

“This person refused to wear a mask even after being told three times. He even showed his middle finger to me once he was off the bus.”

“Please get this arrogant idiot. He needs to be shamed.”

Illegal to Not Wear Mask

While I personally have my doubts about the productivity of “shaming” others, not wearing a mask is currently considered an offence in Singapore.

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As stated on the Ministry of Health website: “First-time offenders will be issued composition offers of $300, and repeat offenders will face higher fines or prosecution in court for egregious cases.”

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is universally mandated with few exceptions. On public transport, it is an especially crucial precaution to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Oh, well. Perhaps the man has so much cash to spare that a $300 fine doesn’t make a big enough threat. I mean, what’s $300 to a man who is unafraid in the face of infection and death?

Similar Case Ended with Public Nuisance Charges

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time something similar has happened.

There had been precedents of a passenger who refused to properly wear his mask while taking a bus.

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On two separate accounts, the same man verbally abused bus captains, who really were just trying to do their jobs.

He was at last arrested and charged with public nuisance.


To the uncle in the video: Unless you have the aforementioned health conditions, otherwise just wear your mask lah, okay?


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